Got my new Creta D AT: How it compares with my existing Jeep Compass

Front seats are equally good in both cars. One difference is Creta's seat holds me tighter from the back and is ventilated.

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I bought Creta last month, after driving both my cars inside the city and out on the highways, I am penning down a side-by-side comparison of my Jeep Compass Limited Optional Vs. My Creta SX Optional Diesel AT.

I have driven Creta close to 4000 km as I want to give myself sufficient time before comparing both cars.


I noticed that Creta looks bigger from the front while Compass looks bigger from the rear. The design language of Compass feels more subtle with straight lines due to which, its design is still looking good in 2024. Creta feels more modern and sporty.

My pick: Tie.

Dashboard and Centre Console:

Creta's feels more premium to look at while Compass feel more premium to touch, due to a lot of soft-touch materials.

Creta's big 10.25-inch infotainment screen, use of piano black finish around the gearbox area and new steering design make its cabin feel 1 segment above the Compass in looks. But compass aces in soft touch feel department i.e whole dashboard and top half area of front doors are made up of soft-touch leather. Although Creta don't have soft touch points but the plastic quality touch and feel is good.

My pick: Creta.

Boot Space:

On paper, Creta has 433L boot space and Compass has 5L more i.e. 438L, but in reality, Creta's has better space management so it takes approximately 1 more Cabin Bag than Compass.

My pick: Creta

Door Thud, Feel and Ergonomics:

Compass- doors have so much weight in them. They give a reassuring thud and make me feel safe like I am Sitting in a Solid Tank.

Creta- Ergonomics is better in the doors of Creta. The door armrest is placed at a better angle than the Compass. The weight of doors is sufficient I would say which I can find in most of the cars on sale so nothing special about it but,

Hyundai focuses more on the Silent closing of the doors i.e. according to the weight they have, they could give a more thud but instead, they close very silently.

My pick: Compass.

Front Seats:

Front seats are equally good in both cars. One difference is Creta's seat holds me tighter from the back and is ventilated.

The size of the compass Headrest is too big which is a deal breaker for the person sitting at the rear because it blocks the view of the road for rear passengers but in Creta, the rear seats are placed slightly higher than the front seats plus the headrest size is decent so I can view the road while sitting at the back.

My pick: Creta.

Rear Seats:

Creta- Rear seats have a 2-step recline so the recline angle is better and the cabin also feels wider at the rear.

Compass- Seat cushioning is better in Compass, it also has better legroom and knee room but less shoulder room than Creta.

My pick: Compass

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