Govt plans transparent policy for electric vehicle


According to a media report, the Union Minister for road transport and highways has revealed that a 'foolproof' policy for electric vehicles (EV) will be introduced by the government. The policy will be based on the Transport for London model.

Transport for London (TfL) is a local government body that is responsible for managing London's public transport along with some of the main roads. TfL has come up with models to manage the traffic and resulting congestion in the municipal region of Greater London. The combination of various models allows TfL to come up with what a person planning his journey would do. The various models can then be individually tweaked to work cohesively with others. The various models include railways, metro, highways, regional roads, and even cycle routes.

Last month, the ministry of road transport and highways and TfL signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work towards improving public transportation in India. The minister has claimed that the use of electric vehicles could see an increase after the MoU. The World Bank is expected to provide assistance in this scheme.

The government has declared that all new vehicles from 2030 would be electric only and that sales of vehicles running on fossil fuels would be stopped. However, there have been no proactive measures from the centre regarding this. The recent Union Budget was expected to include some of the pro-electric vehicle policies, but that did not materialise. The Minister also said that any such policy would be brought forth by the petroleum ministry.

Source - Moneycontrol

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