Helmets to be mandatory for pillion riders in Maharashtra


In a move to improve the safety of two-wheeler riders, the Government of Maharashtra has made it mandatory for both rider and pillion to wear a helmet in the state. The Bombay High Court issued the directive to improve road safety and the announcement was made by the state transport department.

The transport department has also made it mandatory for two-wheeler dealers to provide at least two helmets with the vehicle. RTOs have been told to ask for evidence of dealers providing their customers with two helmets. It was recently made mandatory for two-wheeler licence applicants to sign an indemnity bond stating that they will wear a helmet while using their vehicle.

Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 itself mandates protective headgear for two-wheeler users and the pillion helmet mandate is a part of the government's crackdown to improve road safety and spread awareness. While the rule itself is welcome, the implementation process will be key as will the cooperation from motorists themselves.

Source: HT

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