Honda CB300R: First service experience & issues faced

The headlight performance is very poor. This is by far the biggest blunder from Honda which is more than the pricing to say the least.

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First service update:

Odometer Reading: 673KM

Service charge: Rs: 2003

Service Center: VFM Honda, Ulsoor (Halasuru), Bangalore

I got appointment yesterday by filling an online form.

Service advisor called me yesterday and asked me to come to the service center by 9.30AM on Monday.

Weekday is the best time to get service. Saturday is the worst day as the place is flooded with CB350 H'ness. People are buying them in bucket loads.

8.40am - Started from my home

9.41am - Reached the service center. Service center starts at 9.30AM.

10.00am - Water wash done. Then the bike was moved outside to let the water drain and other bikes were currently in the ramp.

11.00am - The bike was then moved for service. There is no admission in the service area, but here are the list of items I was able to see from the customer lounge.

  • Radiator fluid top up done
  • Chain was cleaned and lubed
  • New gasket for oil filter
  • Oil filter cap was cleaned with air jet
  • Oil filter changed
  • 1.5L new oil added from 2 oil cans (1L each). They returned 500ml oil to me.
  • Electrical items were checked.

12:10-12.30PM: I received the vehicle and don't remember the exact time.

Issues / Niggles

  • Some chain slack / noise - During the service it was adjusted.
  • Gear lever (shifter) is slightly higher and the service advisor mentioned that it's not possible to adjust. May be I need to check with someone else.
  • Very, very poor headlight. This is by far the biggest blunder from Honda which is more than the pricing to say the least. I need to look for some after market accessories.
  • Useless rear brakes. Rear brakes feel like sliding a block of cheese over the floor.

Removed the Sari guard during the weekend. Finding a suitable bolt was a bit of a task and finally able to get it from a local bike shop.

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