How I ended up buying a BMW 330i M Sport: Delivered within 2 weeks

We were initially drawn to the Mercedes-Benz GLA 220d but ended up deciding on the BMW sedan.

BHPian sharathm recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

How it started

I own a Honda City SV, 2016 Model (Manual). My work involves impromptu meetings, calls with clients and coordinating with multiple people at any given point in time. My wife prefers to drive automatic and we just had this one car.

During long drives, I would often stop in my car, to take out my laptop and get something quick done, or stop to take a phone call which would annoy the hell out of her.

We always talked about how nice it will be to have a car where she can drive if needed, but not compromise on the performance or looks or safety. I always told her that the BMW 3 series is probably the only one that comes close to meeting all the criteria that we look for in an upgrade.

How did we end up here

During a recent trip out of town, we had a chance to really talk about buying a new car and discussed what it would take to make the leap to the next level.

We were initially drawn to the Mercedes GLA 220d as a viable option, especially the 4Matic drive system as it offered everything we wanted in terms of performance, plus very good interiors. But after reading several reviews on Team-BHP and everyone pointing straight at the BMW, we decided to give that a try.

As fate would have it, I found myself reading through an excellent review by BHPian itwasntme and was totally hooked.

What followed was several months of frantic research, multiple excel sheet calculations to make this work financially and finally taking that leap of faith to go for my first German car.

Booking and Delivery

We called up Navnit Motors Bangalore and enquired about the 330i and were told we could come to the showroom to discuss. When we visited the showroom, we were shown the 330i M Sport and told that all the 330i models for this year were already sold out. By this point in time, I was convinced that the 3-Series is what we needed to buy, and the point was "driven" home once my wife got behind the wheel.

The entire process from booking to delivery was pretty smooth thereafter and we were able to get delivery of the car in roughly 2 weeks' time.

Apologies if this thread seems quite plain, but there are already amazing reviews of the 3-Series, so I did not want to be repetitive about it. Also, this is my first ever post on Team-BHP and it's fitting that I do it with a car that I had long dreamed of, but never imagined that I would own one day.

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