How I installed TVS Ronin's USB charger on my Interceptor 650

The charger feels well built and looks very sturdy. It seems that it can sustain the vibrations without breaking.

BHPian iamgyan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

DIY - USB Charger installation using Aux Connector

I really wanted to make use of the aux power terminal inside the headlight ever since I came to know of its existence 3 years ago. However, the only plug-and-play accessory I found was from Hitchcock and at a price I wasn't willing to pay.

Finally, I came across the USB charger sold by TVS for Ronin for Rs.850 and thought of getting this done.

Ordered it from the TVS accessories website, however, the connector on it is Anderson type (really good stuff but doesn't match the one on Inty.) Took the charger to work and checked if I could find any matching connector to replace but no luck.

Finally found a matching connector (to the female connector on the bike end) on Amazon for 250 bucks (Set of 5 male & female connectors with relevant crimps).

Got the connectors, took help from a colleague at work to do the crimping and make the cable longer and Voila! we had a good-looking accessory!

Further installation was pretty straightforward (pics should be self-explanatory)

About the charger

The charger itself is on a feel-good kinda heavy side with the mounting made of thick sheet metal, moulded along with the rest of the charger, very sturdy and looks like it can take the vibrations without breaking. It has a single USB A port and no light indication. I expected the charger to be fast charging type but seems it's not. It was charging my Pixel 6a at a max of 1550mA but the phone didn't display "Charging Rapidly". On the bike, it turns on with Ignition on AND Kill switch ON.

Note: I overdid the cable length, you only need about 200-250mm extra length of wire over the stock TVS charger length. Also, note the color of wires on the female and male connector sides, you need to maintain the same polarity

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