How I solved A/C cooling issues on my 2019 Fiat Linea T-Jet

Cooling reduced to the extent that the air conditioning was struggling to cool down the cabin even after driving for 5 hours continuously.

BHPian trinity0014 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My 2019 T-Jet had adequate cooling in the first year, then after a year in 2020 during the lockdown the compressor just didn't turn on, afterwards when the lockdown eased visited FCA and there was no refrigerant in the system; but they couldn't find any leaks even after pressurizing the whole system for 5 hours so filled the gas and cooling was good.

Move on to 2021 & cooling reduced drastically in May, again visited FCA because the car was in warranty and they kept the system pressurised overnight and changed a valve and again cooling was good for the rest of the year. Now in 2022, cooling reduced again to the extent that it was struggling to cool down the cabin even after driving for 5 hours continuously.

So finally decided to skip FCA as the car was out of warranty and visited my trusted FNG (the guy who runs this is an EX-FCA expert especially in electricals), so his diagnosis was that the car has only 40% gas and he topped it to around 450 grams and played around with the low pressure valve of which the plastic cover was missing (FCA didn't bother to fix it after refilling the gas in 2021) and claimed that something was wrong with the said valve.

After the refrigerant top up we kept the engine and AC running for around 30 mins and first time in over 3 years I found that the radiator fan run on high speed also. It kept on switching between low and high speeds and I don't recall the fan ever running at high speeds earlier. Also I should mention that the cooling is now great and its become a chiller. I don't know what was wrong with the stock system or what FCA did to it twice under warranty or what special this man did even with the lack of specialist machines which most dealers have these days for HVAC works, but the AC now feels amazing.

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