How a tweet helped me get sequential indicators on my XUV700

Speed-shedding with these brakes is a cinch, and the 7OO doesn't even lose its line.

BHPian RavenAvi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took a tweet on 16th December to get this ball rolling - received a prompt reply from Customer Care on Twitter and my CCM called on the very next day I had posted on Twitter and said the rear sequential-equipped indicators for Icarus had arrived at the Paramount dealership in the second week of December and to get it fitted whenever possible.

Got the job done on 31st December. Details in my ownership report.

Working like a charm. I have been stopped by other owners since then, all asking me how I got them done. I guess Paramount has fitted them on very few 7OOs till now - a large section of owners are yet to get these still.

The Swift in all its previous avatars (not sure how the current-gen fares in this aspect) had one of the worst brakes among all cars. So much so that the ZXI variant, which was introduced back in 2012, came with a separate brake assist module which, while improving the braking slightly, didn't inspire any more confidence while braking. We owned a Swift ZXI for 4 years - from 2014 to 2018. I was never impressed by the brakes, neither was my Dad who regularly drove it. The humble Tiago which came later into our family had MUCH better brakes in it.

In comparison, the 7OO has one of the best brakes in the business, considering the 1.8 tonnes it towers at 100+ speeds. I myself have gone through at least 5-6 panic braking situations and the brakes have performed admirably, saving my skin at least twice. Speed-shedding with these brakes is a cinch, and the 7OO doesn't even lose its line.

I am guessing that the brake bite is something you need to get better used to. Once you get the feel of it, you will find every other car in the 7OO's range wanting/coming up seriously short in the braking department.

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