Hyundai i20 N Line: Six key initial impressions shared by an owner

I'm still getting used to the car's over-sensitive brakes. As for the ground clearance, I haven't faced any issues so far.

BHPian Ketan_R15 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Thoroughly enjoying the new set of wheels. Still completing the running in - did 2 drives recently. Mumbai - Shirdi and Mumbai - Kolad.

  • Car is a head-turner. I guess it's the brilliant flashy Blue color with tastefully done Red accents and the twin exhausts at the rear. I noticed people actually walking up to the car and talking about the exhaust while we were having breakfast on Mumbai Goa highway.
  • In-built navigation and maps are quite decent and I even found the turn by turn navigation audio instructions are more detailed than Google Maps. Whereas you'll need Google maps to find very remote places and small hotels etc. So Google Maps are used only when required.
  • Still getting used to the over-sensitive brakes which sometimes make the passengers feel a sudden jerk. I don't know if it's just me or if others have also experienced the same thing.
  • Finding power window switches/OVRM switches on the driver side door in dark is a pain. Why no backlit switches Hyundai?
  • Sport mode + Paddle shifters = Super fun! Ear to ear grin guaranteed.
  • Encountered some really bad speed-breakers in both these journeys but did not face any issue with ground clearance.

Sharing a few pictures shot during the Sunday morning drive.

Here's what BHPian icestrok had to say about the matter:

HA! So it’s not just me! My search continues for a tiny white light that I can attach to the right side.

I’ll get my baby back today, getting a 360 DHC camera installed. Got my first scratch over the weekend and I couldn’t sleep for a day. Bumper to bumper traffic, was just still on the road and someone decides to get a bit too close on his scooter. Didn’t even stop to say sorry but it is what it is, thankfully it’s limited and will cost 2.9k after tax for fixing.

The camera comes in around 30k. Honestly, I’ve just been addicted to how good the car feels in my hand, which is lovely for the heart but a stab on my wallet.

And I’m low-key enjoying the compliments. The wide tires especially get a few questions from other enthusiasts.

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