Hyundai unveils Smart Fingerprint tech for cars

Hyundai has revealed its smart fingerprint technology that will enable drivers to unlock and start their vehicles without using car keys. The company plans to introduce this technology on the 2019 Santa Fe in select markets in Q1 of 2019.

Placing a finger on a sensor located on the door handle unlocks the vehicle. A fingerprint sensor can also be used to start the vehicle. The system uses encrypted fingerprint information that is sent to the fingerprint controller located inside the vehicle. It can automatically adjust seating positions, connected car features and ORVMs as per the driver's preference. 

According to Hyundai, fingerprint technology is expected to allow adjustment of temperature and steering wheel position in the future. The company claims that capacitance recognition detects differentials in the electricity levels in various parts of the fingertip and prevents forgeries and faked fingerprints. It is claimed to be more secure than conventional keys and smart keys. The system supports dynamic updates.

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