Installed a cycle carrier at the back of my Jimny: Pros & cons

I have a carbon bike and the rack is safe to use without a doubt.

BHPian kesh4munni recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I've been using the BnB spare rack carrier on the Jimny for about three months now. I use it to take my road bike to a designated spot about three times a week.

The instructions provided by BnB in the pdf copy are good vis-a-vis the video which is shot from a distance and does not capture the challenging part of mounting it, especially on the rear of the spare wheel and the straps that need to be looped in to tie it down.


  1. Easy on and off in 15 seconds with tie-down straps
  2. Stability of the rack and bike on it
  3. Retractable arms which are not a hazard when not in use


  1. One wheel slightly juts out but not disturbingly so
  2. Water ingress after a wash. Drops of water leak out for some time. Could rust internally over some time

The upside to this rack over a roof rack is the safety and ease of using it. Mounting a cycle so high on a roof rack is a practical challenge coupled with low-hanging wires, branches and underpasses.

I have a carbon bike and the rack is safe to use without a doubt.

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