Installing a rear camera on my VW Jetta: Facing multiple VCDS errors

I sought help from a guy working at a VW dealership but I've seemingly hit a roadblock as of now.

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Hi guys!

I'll focus on the issue at hand straightaway. The car is fitted with RCD 330G and I had ordered a rear camera from a seller based out of Delhi.

I was glad to know that the camera fitment wouldn't require drilling any hole of sorts and would simply bolt up on the rear license plate housing.

It was supposed to be a straightforward fit. I sought help from a guy working at VW Bhopal who came to my place and wired the camera from the license plate housing to the HU. Post plugging the VCDS cable, I went to Module 56 (Radio) and got the "No response from Controller" error.

The seller (Eurocar retrofits) suggested that I'll have to connect the can wires to the BCM connection so as to gain recognition of Module 56 by the VCDS. The lack of proper pins/connectors proved to be the eventual bummer and we had to call it a day.

Luckily the seller shipped me the wires with the correct pins (sourced from a scrapyard in Mayapuri) a couple of days later.

The next task was to access the BCM and subsequently figure out the corresponding pins which took a good bit of effort and patience. The VW guy himself had no prior experience in this regard.

As per the instructions from the seller, we focused on the 52 pin Connector C and made the following connections: (entailed splicing of wires)

  • Pin 15: Orange-green wire
  • Pin 16: Orange-brown

The pin diagram which we referred to: (not for the Highline variant)

Conclusively, I'm getting the following errors on VCDS and I've seemingly hit a roadblock as of now.

Can someone please help me in tackling this issue? I'm based out of Bhopal currently and don't have access to good garages with people having a good deal of experience with VAG cars.

Would deeply appreciate any sort of help in comprehending the attached scan log and in figuring out the way forward.


Here's what BHPian nithishsaba had to say about the matter:

It seems one of your BCM connectors is loose or not seated properly. I had the same kind of issue with my car when I installed the multi-function steering wheel.

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