Issued a challan while riding my motorcycle: How I got it reversed

At first I felt bad, but then remembered that I never jump signals. When I looked at the challan, it read Jan 4th, and it had a signal close to our house.

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Early March, one of the office days, I returned from office, and my father handed me a challan and said, "You jumped a traffic signal".

At first I felt bad, but then remembered that I never jump signals. When I looked at the challan, it read Jan 4th, and it had a signal close to our house. By now I was mildly confident that it should be some mistake, and I wanted to find out more.

I tried to fetch the photo or video evidence of my challan number, but the portal was always throwing errors. I then enquired at the traffic police station close to my house, and they asked me to download an APP on my phone.

I found the "Traffic Fines" app, but this also was only mentioning the details of my fine. Another day, I was adamantly searching from my phone, on the "BTP" portal and finally was able to get to the photo on my phone:

And Wow, I could see that the lights were OFF, when I was taking the turn. It showed 8:30:38 on the image. Now I was convinced that they had done a mistake.

I still wasn't sure where this was, so I went back to a couple of signals near this place and found the manhole cover on the left side, and the medical shop, and the signal on the median. I took a photo just in case, I wanted more evidence to prove that the signals were both in-sync. (The one on the median, and the other on the opposite side):

I went back to the police station and showed them, and they asked me to go to the TMS near Indian Express.

I went here last Saturday afternoon, and there was not much happening. One person at the reception directed me to 1st floor, where there was just one more police person managing the computers. And there was just one other person who was trying to negotiate his fines.

A few minutes later, I was in, and showed this, along with my challan. She was able to extract a few other photos before and after, and she confirmed that it was Amber at that time (It was blinking, so my photo had no lights on them, but other photos showed amber), and she immediately reverted my fine. I could see photos of how they were able to zoom into my number plate, and increase brightness only on that area. They seem to have amazing technology, and she claimed that they give away 20,000 fines per camera in a day. She said, there were repeat offenders and they never cared for these, or never cared to even pay fines. They would also avoid policemen, and if caught would also scold policemen that they were getting late. I still can't get my head around those numbers. 20,000 fines per camera.

A few tips:

The links might not work on a Mac, neither challan number nor vehicle number worked. No other browser helped, nor did allowing pop ups helped. (I almost gave up).

On my phone, it didn't work when I gave "-" as in KA-03.

Traffic Fines app doesn't give you photo evidence.

Phone also had my image messed up. It was showing the image of my earlier offence last year, when I was riding without pilion wearing helmet (It was a short distance, and there was no way I could have avoided that, but was caught on the first instance, on a camera). Somehow, a few links directed me to the exact photo.

 The policewoman also suggested that I needn't have gone there, and a simple mail would have done the trick, to the email shown in the pic.

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