Jeep dealership staff beats up a customer


Employees of the Landmark Jeep dealership in Delhi were caught on tape beating up a customer.  According to a media report, the customer was in the showroom to get an update on his recently purchased Jeep Compass. The car had developed issues due to a manufacturing defect and was first sent to Gurgaon for rectification. The issues couldn't be solved and hence the car was sent back to the Moti Nagar outlet. The owner of the car was promised that the work would be done in 10-15 days.

The disagreement started when the owner saw his car lying unattended in the showroom. The media report suggests that the owner was furious over this and took out his anger on the dealership staff and abused them. As the videos reveal, the staff members ganged up on him and resorted to violence as well.

The videos have gone viral and FCA India has officially released a statement over this incident, "We are in the know of the incident and we have taken this up very seriously. The sequence of events is currently being investigated. Appropriate action will be taken once all facts are studied and considered."

The Landmark Group has now issued a statement explaining their side of the story. According to the statement, the incident occurred over two months back on 29th September 2017. The customer, during his discussion with the officials of the dealership used abusive language and threatened the staff including the female front-desk manager. The officials then tried to calm down the customer, but he in turn became even more aggressive and continued using foul language.

The staff then contacted the local police department who visited the showroom to address the matter. The customer along with 4 dealership officials visited the police station where the whole matter was settled and closed after an apology from the customer. The Landmark dealership further states that, "We have already taken measures to address the non-acceptable behaviour displayed by Landmark officials and we do not tolerate such incidence being against our customers and the brands we represent. We strongly condemn any acts of such nature."

Source - Landmark

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