Living with my new Hyundai i20 N Line: 3 weeks, 600 km, 7 pros & 8 cons

The car is fun & engaging to drive & gains speed very quickly.

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I picked up an i20 N Line a few weeks ago. Considered the usual suspects in the ~15L range (City, Slavia, Verna etc). I wasn’t really looking for a hatch nor was I planning on a Hyundai yet again. But alas, was not able to connect with any car the same way the i20 N Line tugged at my heartstrings. A random test drive, and I had the car home a couple of days later. Truly feels like I am 25 again. Just summing up a few likes, and dislikes over the last 600 kms / 3 weeks that I have had her.


  1. FUN and engaging to drive. Brakes, steering and suspension will make sure you have both hands on the steering wheel.
  2. Is a hoot to drive between 20-80 km/hr. Gains speed f-a-s-t. The car feels like it’s walking at 50 km/hr - very painful when following the speed limit in Delhi.
  3. Feature-packed, great sound system. The only thing it’s missing that I can think of is ventilated seats, front sensors and auto wipers.
  4. N Line steering wheel.
  5. Fog lights.
  6. Blue Link is a cool party trick.
  7. Front seats are comfy.


  1. Start-up and shut-down vibrations are unnerving. I have felt the car vibrate when stationary at traffic lights as well. While I understand it’s a characteristic of a 3-pot, but feels cheap coming from any 4-pot vehicle. A Grand i10 in this case.
  2. Horn needs an upgrade.
  3. Lots of hard-touch plastics.
  4. Lag at <20 kms - annoying when you need to reverse up onto a road which is a few inches higher than the side.
  5. Apple phone barely charges when plugged into CarPlay. USB-C would have been good to have.
  6. DCT shift from first to second is a bit notchy.
  7. Impending fuel pump failure.
  8. Extended warranty not offered on the N Line.


  1. Ceat tires seem okay.
  2. Price.
  3. Headlight intensity could have been better.
  4. Red accents and red ambient light.
  5. Fuel tank capacity is only 37L, urban range seems like <400 km. More frequent fuel stops than the Grand i10 (43L with 500km range) which it replaced.

Will try putting together a review once I have put a few more miles on the clock. Big thanks to the forum especially to this thread and the ownership threads of akshaysehgal, ChiragM and others. I have suddenly started seeing a bunch of N Lines on the road in Gurgaon after getting one.

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