Maharashtra Driving Licence renewal: Online process without RTO agents

The entire process is quite simple, however, even though it's online there is generous use of paper.

BHPian MiKeMo recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


This thread is to provide fellow BHPians with a fully DIY process to renew the DL online. My license expired last month, and after reading threads on TBHP and some research online, I could complete the process.

If you have a paper DL: You will need to get backlog entry into the Parivahan site for using the online DL renewal option.

  • Please visit your circle RTO office and get a backlog entry form. You can fill up the same at the RTO office and submit it then and there. Please carry with you a copy of your DL and Aadhar card.
  • Please wait for a week to ten days to get the entry into the Parivahan site. Though I was told by the RTO office to visit them to find out the status, I just logged in to the Parivahan site and tried the online DL renewal option after a week, and it worked.

If you already have a smart DL, or after completion of step 1 above in the case of paper DL: life is easier now, as you can use the online DL renewal portal.

  • Download and print Form 9, Form-1 and Form-1-A in case you are above 50 Yrs.
  • Please note that Form 1-A, a medical certificate in case your age is 50 Yrs or above, requires the signature of a Government approved medical practitioner. In case you don’t know one, please visit the RTO office, you will find one or two doctors around that office!
  • Please complete all the forms with required signatures, as you will need them to upload.
  • Go to this page and complete the online submission of the required documents and payment of DL renewal fees (Rs.466 for MH in 2022).
  • Please take a printout of the receipt. Payment by any online method is accepted, including GPay etc.
  • Now visit the RTO office. They will be able to check the status of the application and the completion of the above online steps. Only after this check, your biometrics and photo are taken.
  • Submit physical copies of Form 1, Form 1-A, copy of DL, copy of Aadhar and original DL. Please carry a small zip pouch to attach the original DL with the documents. The officer will make an entry and sign it. Later you need to get the form approved by the approving authority (like Dy RTO officer in Vashi, Navi Mumbai).
  • After all this submission, wait for renewed DL at your address!
  • Though you get SMS notifications on progress, you can check the status of your online application on this page.

Some takeaways from this exercise

  • The process is simple enough and can be completed in DIY mode. MH process is slightly complicated as it requires multiple RTO office interactions.
  • Though the process is online, there is a generous use of paper. Please keep copies of DL, Aadhar etc handy. Don’t forget to bring a ZIP pouch to attach DL during the last stage!
  • Best is to use Aadhar-based KYC – provided it is properly linked to your mobile (for OTPs) and has the correct address as the address can not be different on DL and Aadhar.
  • Navi Mumbai / Vashi RTO, though not as efficient as, say, Kerala RTOs, does have a more professional approach than my earlier interaction (in 2005!) with them. In fact, they were quite helpful in terms of explaining the process etc., and yes, there was no "under the table" demand for a DIY person like me!

Here's what BHPian Rehaan had to say about the matter:

I went through the same thing recently, and most definitely didn't want to use the help of any "agents".

A few things were slightly different from my experience, I'll focus only on them here:

  • I only had to make ONE trip to the MH 01 (Tardeo) RTO, close to the end of the process. Thankfully I didn't have to go multiple times. I guess this is the biggest difference, and I just wanted to point it out so it might save others 1 trip.
  • My license was already expired when I started this process. This was in July 2021, not sure if things have changed since then.
  • I started off my journey here.

Select Maharashtra in the dropdown.

Choose DL Renewal on the pop-up:

Or if you miss the pop-up, select it here:

Enter your existing license details:

  • Filled out the required forms (Form 1 & 9).

I have a new habit of filling forms in Acrobat itself, rather than printing and then filling them by hand. Why? Because it's so much easier to type out, and when a bank / govt body inevitably finds something "wrong" with your form and asks you to resubmit it, you do not need to fill the whole thing out again! Just make the change in the PDF and re-print.

It's also useful for saving time by using a pre-filled form for future requests - eg. A generic 'customer request form' for your bank where only a few checkboxes / date / etc need change.

It's also clearer than handwriting, so avoids confusion during transcribing:

  • I completed the upload/payment etc and waited a month or more, but no new license showed up at my door.

Checked the application status here:

Noticed it was just stuck at this "Scrutiny" stage since forever:

  • Wrote to the Sarathi helpdesk asking about the delay:

  • They wrote back 3 days later saying I had to show up at the RTO with proof of address:

A very lazy while later... I finally visited the RTO:

  • They took my payment receipt (or was it the other form?), took my old license and stapled them together.
  • They didn't need to look at my Aadhar etc for address/age proof (I guess old DL was enough).
  • Told me it would take a minimum of 15-30 days for me to receive the new license via Speedpost.
  • They said the RTO allows driving on the application/challan instead of a license.
  • I was in and out of there in 7 minutes.
  • About 20 days later my license showed up in the mail.
  • It's a proper smart-card license, unlike what some other states are supplying.

That's all folks!

PS: Last month I deleted a folder called "2021-07 - DL Renewal" from my computer, thinking "I'm never going to need this!". Sure enough, when I wanted to post this, I did need it - just to refer to dates, forms I filled, etc. I had already cleared by recycle bin. Thankfully I use Dropbox backup, so that let me go back and recover deleted files. Unrelated moral of the story: back up your data!

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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