Mahindra Scorpio-N: What I didn't like as compared to the XUV 700

All other aesthetics and comfort aspects are better in XUV 700 and some cannot even be compared, like the ICE.

BHPian waypoint recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I saw this in flesh today in a showroom - the Black Z8L Diesel Manual.

Following I found better than XUV 700 AX7L DAT -

  • Airiness under the hood
  • Ground clearance and the fact that the provided steps do not eat up the ground clearance
  • Wheel well wall gaps even after housing 255/60 tyres
  • All dark interiors downwards from middle of pillars
  • Projector LED headlamps and fog lamps
  • The fact that a luggage carrier can be installed on roof rails (in XUV 700s with sunroof it is not recommended to be installed as per the user manual)

All other aesthetics and comfort aspects are better in XUV 700 and some cannot even be compared, like the ICE. The glove box in Scorio N is of cheap kind of plastic and looks totally out of place. Also, the depth of bottom part (seating part) of front seats and entire 2nd row bench seat look about 3 inches and 2 inches lesser respectively.

Given the pitching of all terrain capability of car, missing to equip it with cornering lights is hard to understand. I wonder about the price increase that would have been caused if cornering lights were provided. May be 3K to 4K. Right?

Other omission which are difficult to understand when it is pitched to be a Big Daddy of SUVs addressing the needs of urban and semi urban users and their families -

  • Height adjustable seat belts
  • Electronic Parking Break and Auto Vehicle Hold
  • No AC in 3rd row

May be Mahindra was too conscious about price bracket that it wanted to keep Scorpio N in, so that, just on the price aspects, if not on the other aspects of the vehicle, it could have higher chance of converting any potential buyer. Thus, Mahindra might have chosen to omit the features.

However, one thing, actually two things, I found in Scorpio N which are a complete deal breaker. I hope it was a problem with the unit I saw in the showroom. I was not allowed to take a photograph, though I tried. The issue is obvious after seating down and looking behind the steering column and glove box - In former case there are lots of loose stuff but I could not see all of them clearly as there was a lot of crowd on the driver side. However, on the passenger side, I could see wires, some of them having naked ends and which children can lay their end on. Moreover, all of that is expected to be concealed, if it is not, there goes all engineering down the drain due to lack of common sense. May be this unit may have some housing missing but it could also be that all units have these issues. Now, I also need to look carefully at XUV 700 as such issues might be hiding there too. I am planning to again go to another showroom now and check it. If they permit photos, I will post here.

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