Mahindra XUV 700 AX7L AWD: 5500 Km ownership experience

Tank re-fill method indicates an average fuel economy of 13.5 Km/L. This has been independent of driving modes or terrain.

BHPian D_Security_Guy recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Today marks 1 month of owning the XUV700 AWD L .

ODO reading: 5500 KMS.

The TBHP sticker was awarded to the vehicle as soon the car reached the garage. The car deserves it!

While a lot has already been written about the car in this forum, writing up a few not-so-obvious observations made during this ownership.

  • It looks like some power is consistently sent to the rear wheels even when the car is cruising at 100KMPH on tarmac at expressways and AWD lock is not engaged as seen in this video
  • Tank re-fill method indicates an avg. fuel economy of 13.5. For me this has been consistent and is independent of the fact that the car has been driven on plains or hills; or in Zip and Zap mode
  • Its unpredictable which pot hole the car won’t like and will make a thud sound. Most of the times it just glide over the deepest pothole while some times it make you regret going over the speed breaker at speed > 10 KMPH
  •  The music system is just ok and sounds like any other entertainment system in a car of this range. The subwoofer sits there only to support the other 11 speakers with low frequency and setting the subwoofer level to min or max won’t make much difference.
  • The android auto overlaps almost everything of the OE UI . One will have to go through a series of steps to perform some basic CTA such as :
  1. Setting the temperature from HVAC, as the climate control settings are overlapped and you wont be able to see the temperature being set
  2. The track being played from other source like USB ,Alexa can’t be seen anywhere unless you go to the music app which means exiting from AA screen.
  • The sliding arm-rest eats up one of the cup holder
  • No light in the boot is something which will irritate you on a daily basis as most of the journeys end in the dark. Hanging a torch was not as convenient as the boot light would have been.
  • I always thought manual dimming of IRVM won’t be of much hassle, but it is. The glare from the high beamers coming from behind almost blind you even before you reach to the manual switch to cut it off.
  • A 12V socket is missed in the front and middle row. The USB of capacity >32 GB and the AA can only be connected to the one specific port in the front. This leaves very limited charging ports in a car which has a seating capacity of 7 and each has their own charging demands.
  • The car crawls the steep climbs like a beast. I vividly remember struggling with EcoSport at these climbs.
  • An RPM of < 2k is maintained even at speeds ~ 120 KMPH. Overtaking others at this speed is just a slight push of the A paddle. This gives us confidence of cruising at > 150 in future when the infra and legal allows us for the same !

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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