Mods on my Royal Enfield Interceptor 650: Some needs and some wants

I have the Motowings performance filter with the stage 2 kit + Iridium spark plugs. Am I flying? Not at all. Does it sound good? Indeed it does.

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Some needs, some wants - mods on my Interceptor 650

Want - NGK Performance kit

A good gentleman ordered this for me from BikeNBiker. The kit contains iridium spark plugs, suppressor caps and low resistance lead wires (red).

I got it installed at Pitlane but not without any drama! The first NGK spark plug slipped and the threaded part cracked. On inspection, it was found to be CR9EIX but Bikenbiker website mentions that the kit will contain 2 CR8EIX NGK plugs. Pitlane had CR8 as it's used in Dominar also.

I didn't want one CR8 and another CR9 installed so when I checked the NGK Part Finder page, we found that CR7 (not Ronaldo) is recommended. Hence, I ordered a set of CR7EIX plugs (extra cost). If anyone could share some spark on these numbers then it would be enlightening!

In the meanwhile, got the front sprocket area cleaned which was long pending.

Now I have, Motowings performance filter installed back [aargee will not agree] with stage 2 kit (open air filter intake) + Iridium plugs! Am I flying? Not at all. Does it sound good? Indeed it does!

Need - Better cushioned seat.

I've clocked 18,500kms on the stock seat and my bum deserved something better. I'm the flag bearer of custom seats and had a good experience with my Classic 350 seat, I was ready to go down this route!

If the experiment goes wrong then you can always buy the GMA seat. I wanted something like a scrambler bench seat. I knew the bucket-type seats don't really work on the stock seat base, you need something wider for that!

I zeroed in one shop nearby and explained my needs. They took out a 30mm thick HD (high-density) foam. Plan was to cut out the stock foam and fix this on top and then shape it. A new cover with ribbed pattern and red piping to complete the custom touch.

Old foam cut out from stock seat reduced.

New HD foam sheet ready to replace it.

Before putting on the new cover, I took a test ride keeping this in mind that the height is not increased much. I could put my feet down and manage the bike as earlier. The result was more like the GMA type 2 touring seat.

I've completed a 1000+ km road trip on it and I'm satisfied with the work.

Need - New battery

My Interceptor, Spitfire is now 3 years, 9 months+ old.

I faced these problems and I was skeptical. I checked all the voltages and they were within range. 12.7V standby, charging going 14V+ and cranking voltage falling to 10.4V (checked with Digital Multimeter). Hence I sprayed some Contact cleaner and was happy with it. Did many rides and commutes without issues!

A day prior to a long ride, I was doing my usual routine of cleaning and preparing the bike. When I was done and cranked the bike for warm-up! Gone the lights started blinking. It was still afternoon, I chalked out a few more checks after an hour, assuming some water ingress, battery voltage, fuse etc. Fuel pump was priming, horn was sounding!

Considering the age of the battery (stock) and the upcoming ride I didn't hesitate a plonk a brand new Amaron Pro Rider battery. I took out the old battery and got the new one from my regular Battery shop in exchange for the old one. (I already have so much of stock parts!) I fitted the new battery in place and bingo, it fired back to life! A huge sigh of relief just before a long ride.

That's all folks, thanks for being a part of this journey.

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