Mumbai: Global Powerboat Racing Series from March 3-5


Mumbai will be hosting a Global Powerboat Racing Series, called the Nexa P1 Powerboat, Indian Grand Prix of the Seas. The maritime racing series will be conducted from March 3-5, 2017, near the shorelines of Marine Drive. It will be organized by Procam International, the company behind the Mumbai Marathon race.

For the first season, 7 teams will be participating in the series. Each team will comprise of 2 P1 Panther powerboats, with each boat including a pilot and a navigator. The competitors will need to race around a 5.2 km long track on the sea. The winning teams will be decided considering the combined best times of both boats. There will be two races on March 4 (Saturday), while the Grand Finale will take place on March 5 (Sunday).

The P1 Panther powerboat which will be used in the racing series is powered by a 247 BHP engine that can propel it up to speeds of 120 km/h on water, which is equivalent to around 240 km/h on land. These powerboats have been designed to race in 6 feet of water, making them ideal for close-to-shore racing.

The Grand Prix of the Seas is a result of the partnership between P1 Global, a leading maritime motorsports brand, and Procam International, a sports management company.

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