My 2011 Nissan Micra facing multiple engine shutdowns

The estimated cost of repairs is going upwards of Rs 1.20 lakh, which is more than the resale value of the vehicle.

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I need guidance related to my Micra Nissan Diesel XV 2011 model, 1,45,000 km run. The car is being used by my father who drives it locally and is chauffeured around on long trips.
There is a check engine light that comes up once in a while followed by an oil indicator light and the engine shuts down. Wait for 4-5 mins the lights disappear and the car can be re-started and then keeps running. This usually happens on long trips, anywhere between 2-4 times in a 700 km trip. I got the issue checked at FNG who was unable to find a solution and suggested diagnosis at an ASC. The ASC's OBD tracked down the following issues.


The ASC suggested changing among other parts, ECU & BCU, at an estimated cost of Rs 1,20,000.

Now, this is the real issue; the cost of replacement is more than the resale value of the vehicle.

My query is:

  • Can these electronic parts (ECU BCU etc) be repaired? If yes, where in NCR? How reliable is the work done?
  • Is it advisable to get them swapped with ECU & BCU from scrapped cars? If yes, where? I was suggested to check in Mayapuri, New Delhi for the old ECU/BCU.
  • Can I continue running the vehicle with these issues? Can this be a recipe for a major disaster in near future?

I intend to keep this car for another 5 years, provided these issues can be sorted and the car remains trouble-free thereafter. Else I will prefer to trade it in for a new C2 segment vehicle (Drooling over Astor and 5th Gen City for some time)

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Go to an independent garage. If indeed any major parts like the ECU etc. are busted, get used/refurbished ones from the market. I got my Civic's ABS unit for 12k (from a scrap car) when the dealer pricing was 60k.

Rajender Khan

More than anything, you first need to go to an independent garage to properly diagnose your issue. Am not able to agree with the dealer's diagnosis. Look up suggestions in the Team-BHP Directory.

Here's what BHPian Indian2003 had to say on the matter:

Those are a lot of faults. Often when you have many faulty codes, they are interconnected. I fixed a car once. There were 8 fault codes all connected to the fuel delivery system.

The owner replaced the MAF and the car still did not start.

I replaced the fuel pump relay and deleted the error codes. The car started and has been running since.

I would try to get a second opinion from an independent workshop before you replace the ECU and BCU. I doubt that both can break down at the same time. It is like puncturing all 4 wheels at the same time.

Here's what BHPian gkveda had to say on the matter:

Oil indicator turns up if the oil level is high or low. Engine light comes ON due to multiple reasons. So, I think, either the engine sensor or oil level sensor would be the first thing to be checked. If both of them are working fine, their cables need to be checked for rodents attacks. If cables are also fine, then, you can go for further major surgery.

Most of the time, these cables and sensors would be the culprits.

Did you leave the car for service recently? If yes, check if the right engine oil was filled and to the right level.

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