My Honda City petrol CVT: Likes & dislikes a year of ownership later

I love the looks of the car. It’s been an year and I still look at the car and admire it.

BHPian AnnaRocks recently shared his with other enthusiasts.

I am bad with dates – any type of date that is. One fine day, I got this SMS from the RTO which I read as ‘Hurray, we managed to make you pay a delay fee by not sending an advance notification’ and that is when it actually dawned about the first anniversary.

Since the required kilometers were clocked, the periodic services were done earlier.

Time flies. I drive mostly on the same route between Trivandrum and Kochi with occasional weekend trips and one interstate drive to TN. Here is a quick summary of the journey so far:


  • The drive. I am at peace while driving this.
  • Space. More than sufficient for the current requirements. Rear seat space is wow.
  • The looks.
  • The tricks using the keys like turning the car AC, opening and closing the windows and sunroof.
  • The connect app for extra peace of mind.



  • The NVH levels, terrible for a car in this category.
  • Ingress and more particularly, the egress part for the elders. That is the only time when they complain about the car as they have been traveling in tallboy cars mostly.
  • No Wireless Android auto/Car play.
  • The stock tyres.
  • The average screen and poor camera.
  • The squealing sound when applying brakes at low speeds, especially while parking.

A lot of little things like the illuminated click wheels with an ASMR sound, the paddle shifts, the sunroof, cruise control, the sun blinds at the back, left side mirror cam while parking, the overall ambience inside etc. are things that come to my mind while I write this.

I have not been contacted from the Honda company, never ever. Neither during the purchase process nor during the services but I am okay with that as I am happy with the car. My sales associate was a Mr.India who disappeared from my life after I drove out from the showroom on the delivery day. Again, happy with the car and hence I can live with that. The first 2 services were done at Kochi and the third one at Kollam. I will prefer Vision Honda as they were more transparent and I could see the car during the process. No extra charges or push other than the ones mentioned in the service process.

I got an underbody done which reduced the noise a little bit. Got a dashcam and 7D mats installed as written in the purchase post. No other modifications or installations done. For those who are looking to buy the car or have booked it, the first and the most important thing to do-UPSIZE the stock tyres and you can thank everyone here who recommends the same. The car may not please the enthusiasts due to the lack of turbo, but with the type of roads I drive on, I am more than happy.

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