My Jeep Compass diesel 4x4: Ownership update at 1.12 lakh kms

The average fuel efficiency till date is 14Kmpl+ and I am happy with it. If you show enough patience while driving on the highway, this engine can easily give you 18-20Kmpl+.

BHPian arun_josie recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

One more year goes by and the ODO is @ 1,12,000 kms.

Scarlett still feels new and roaring. Here are few pics taken on the 4th anniversary of Scarlett joining our family:

Maintenance – Periodic service details:

The average service cost is around 15K per service. It goes up when there are parts replacements involved (Ex: Brake pads, Brake discs, Timing Belt etc.)

Parts replacements:

  • Tyres were replaced @ 51,205 Kms (Yokohama Earth1) and @ 99K Kms(GoodYear Wrangler AT SilentTrac).
  • Front brake pads were replaced @ 51K Kms and @ 1,01,884 Km.
  • Wipers were replaced at 68,853 Kms (the OEMs are very expensive (closed to 5K), so replaced with Bosch wipers which costs around 900/-). These Bosch wipers are flimsy but it does the job. Bosch wipers were replaced @88,699 Kms.
  • Battery @ 63K Kms (it came with Exide and I replaced it with Amaron). Many owners had to replace the battery around 18-24 months time frame.
  • Timing belt was a periodic replacement at 75K Kms.
  • Front Brake discs @ 1,01,884 Kms.
  • Wheel lugnuts, changed the complete set @ 1,01,884 Kms. The cap model lugnuts were a pain.

Usage pattern:

Lately the road trips have come down, with aging parents in home town, most of the drives have been to home town. Overall, the usage trend is like 70:30 in favor of highway usage.

Also, after I started cycling the local drives and breakfast drives have changed to cycle rides.

The elusive drive to North East is still pending for a long time due to various reasons.

Annual usage:

 No: Days taken for every 5K Kms:

Fuel efficiency:

The average fuel efficiency till date is 14Kmpl+ and I am happy with it. If you show enough patience while driving on the highway, this engine can easily give you 18-20Kmpl+, but it is difficult to do sedate drives with this machine in your hands.

In city driving conditions, I get around 10-12 Kmpl.

Fuel station:

I prefer BPCL and that shows in the below numbers:

Some numbers on FE:

Offroad drive(Sunrise – Sunset Trails) with Bangalore Jeep Club:

Recently BJC arranged an off-road drive near Kanakapura. It was a one day event starting from breakfast to dinner. They had trails for both 4x2 and 4x4. The drive was mostly on the rough/mud/gravel roads or places with no roads. And some drive on the rocks too. It was an eventful and a fun filled day. I have few dashcam videos, will share it later.

The GY Wrangler AT tyres gave more confidence on these very rough and rocky terrain, especially since its more harder and the grip was better too.

Around 50 Jeeps were part of this event and there were multiple convoys. Here are few pics. The BJC admins did a great job in managing this crowd.

The event was kicked-off from Madhus Tyre Centre:

Some of the Jeeps lined up before the drive:

Rough terrain:

Refreshment time:

Going down the rock:

During another break. It was a hot day:

Lined up after dark:

Wheel alignment/balancing at Madhus and later at PPS:

During a recent drive to Mangalore, I went over a speed breaker at good speed. There was a loud thud noise and I was worried about potential damage. But, I didn’t feel any weirdness after that incident. Later when I got it checked at Madhus for wheel alignment/balancing, they said there is a variation in the front camber and this could be probably because of any damage to lower arm or its bushes:

After the Jeep off-road event, I got this checked at PPS, after checking the underbody they said that the lower arm has moved slightly. They got this corrected and then the alignment was done. I also got the air filter replaced as the next service is 5K Kms away and it looked very dusty:

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