My Maruti Vitara Brezza modified to be more travel-friendly

On a never-ending quest to enhance the convenience & comfort in my Maruti Suzuki sports utility vehicle.

BHPian captain.torque recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Ever since I got my Vitara Brezza, back in 2016 I have been making additions/modifications to its interiors and exteriors in a never-ending quest to enhance the convenience and comfort of its occupants while travelling.

Fortunately, most of the implemented ideas achieved success.

Below is the list of the add-ons/alterations made over the years:

1. Mobile phone holder

Once upon a time, people (especially my wife) riding shotgun in my car would keep their phone in the cubbyhole right in front of the gear lever (pic attached)

And each time the person received a notification, he/she would reach out for the phone, which just starting bothering me as my car is a manual and in city traffic, you need to change gears frequently.

So, I thought of moving the phone away from that spot and came up with this.

I ordered both the hook and holder from AliExpress (back when it was not banned). The hook by Baseus is a quality product and very sturdy while the actual phone holder too is good and does the job.

The best part is that the holder is it is actually removable and does not disturb the aesthetic look of the interior. Just hand it when you need and remove it afterwards.

2. Umbrella "holder" in boot

This is a simple hack. I got an umbrella from Decathlon and decided to keep it in the boot in a way so that it takes limited space and doesn’t roll here and there every time I take a turn.

So, I found this hook in the boot and used my wife’s scrunchie to keep it in place.

Thank you, wifey!

3. Making woofer enclosure "non-slip"

Prior to getting the 3D mat for my boot, the woofer enclosure would never slip as the material of the trunk liner and the enclosure was the same – ecofi nonwoven, solution-dyed synthetic fiber (according to Google).

But ever since I got the plastic mat, the enclosure would dance around in the boot to the beats of whatever I played. And after every trip it would never be in its original position.

Therefore, I got some double-sided tape and nails and fixed the problem. As the enclosure is made of wood, it took just two mins to hammer the nails on top of the tape bits so as to keep them in place.

4. “Reusable” air freshener

Got 'Involve One' air freshener from Amazon six months ago and contrary to the online reviews, the scent lasted for just about 15 days.

So, instead of throwing it away and getting a new one, decided to pour some “itra or ittar or attar” on the foam pads inside the box and it was sort of a eureka moment. Now I just soak the pads in all kids of perfumes and itras of my liking.

In addition, the fragrance dispenser (plugged in cigarette lighter) is for situations when I need a burst of instant scent to create the desired ambience.

5. Pouch for loose change

Gone are the days when cars came with coin holders. The last time I saw one was inside my 2005 Tata Indica V2. But the fact remains, that you do need change some times. I do, every time I get air filled in my tyres.

So, I took this canvas pouch (an air freshener in its previous avatar) and whenever I get coins I put them inside it. Hung on the wiper stock, it remains out of sight yet easily accessible as you can see below.

6. Grab handles for rear passengers

Got these from AliExpress too. These are originally designed for the Jeep Wrangler but I’ve put them to good use in my Brezza by attaching them to the rear headrests.


Trust me, these handles are a boon for my aged parents and in-laws as they do find it a bit hard to enter or exit the Brezza due to its slightly raised stance and these handles are well, quite handy.

Some honourable mentions

Sanitiser dispenser: In times of Covid, I bet every car has this. But it is quite annoying to pick up the sanitizer bottle from the cup-holder or take it out of the glovebox, open the lid, use it and then put it back.

An easy and time saving trick is to get a small soap dispenser like this (this one had fiama shower gel and I got it for free with a bigger bottle) fill it with your choice of sanitizer and put it in the cup holder. I don’t know about other cars but in my Brezza, the cup holder is right below the armrest and when I am seated, my left palm rests just near the dispenser.

So, as soon as I am seated, I cup my palm and fingers to form a ladle, press the dispenser which drops a driblet of sanitizer followed by a quick rub of hands and I am on my way.

Phone holder for navigation

As the title says, this is a holder for navigation purpose and when you don’t have the time or intent to connect the phone to the car using a wire and use Android Auto. (This would be redundant if you have wireless Android Auto, though)

Tissue box on sunshade

This is perhaps the best thing that I got for my car. With a toddler on board and the preference to consume meals inside the vehicle instead of dining at a restaurant post Covid, this bag has been a saviour on more than one occasions.

Plus, it gives you more space inside the glovebox which is usually used by many to store a packet of napkins.

Project in pipeline

For the rear passengers, I plan to install a tissue box on the rear parcel tray.

The strategy is to make 4 parallel holes on the tray, insert two strings of elastic ropes and tie them individually at the bottom so they are not visible. Fix the box on top of the tray and use the ropes as clasps on both sides of the box to keep it in place.

Excuse the crude paintbrush attempt but this is what I have in mind. The orange thing is the tissue box and the black part are the elastic cords.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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