My Skoda Superb crosses the 12,000 km mark during a road trip

We covered 755 km on the last day in nearly 15 hours. The car was driven 1966.7 km across a total of 4 states during this trip.

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12000 km + road trip update

We returned from a road trip to Goa last Sunday and somewhere on NH-65 in Karnataka, the car crossed 12000 km! The return trip was a direct Goa to Hyderabad drive. After some quick thinking, I realised that well over half the kilometres on the odometer come from such road trips!

On the other hand, I am starting to suspect the door seal on the front left door. I noticed some strange squeaking sounds over bumps. I will keep a watch on this in the future; it is very infrequent for now. Such sounds from the door seals are apparently a common phenomenon with these cars after a while in Indian conditions. Would spraying some WD-40 on the location where the seals on the door panel and frame touch silence the noise?

Anyways, I might post a travelogue in the coming weeks, but here are some pictures from the trip for your viewing pleasure.

During some rain in Maharashtra.

Look at the aerodynamics at play! I sometimes just watch the water flow around cars in the rain; really lets you know how the air around the car has been shaped.

We found a few lovely mountain roads near Satara to really let the Superb loose. It may not “dart” into the curves; rather, it “flows” through them in a beautifully graceful yet fun manner! Sports mode enhanced the fun factor of the drive significantly.

Some hazy yet stunning views atop Sajjangad Fort.

Before a beautiful sunset on the last day in Goa.

Raindrops in the headlights!

Resting in the shade at a spot with a breathtaking view at Amboli Ghat.

There was a torrential downpour shortly after entering Telangana. No, the picture isn’t shaky or out of focus, it’s due to the intensity of the rain! There were frequent bright bolts of blue-white lightning accompanied by tumultuous thunder too. The car received a much-needed wash.

755 km covered on the last day in over nearly 15 hours! The car was driven 1966.7 km across a total of 4 states during this trip.

Do NOT attempt driving such long distances solo; the resultant fatigue would be a perfect recipe for disaster. Have someone else who you can switch positions with and rest in the meantime.

Case in point: my parents both drive and took turns during the trip. Remember to stay hydrated and to take enough breaks in between. Switching off recirculated air (at least once every half an hour) helps keep air in the cabin fresh too.

Taking care of the above and driving massive distances is no sweat in this car. The sound system also kept us fantastic company throughout! While I made sure everyone got a healthy dose of metal, I also got to listen to a wide variety of music; all the way from Santana and The Beatles to revisiting numbers such as Mast Kalandar.

Until next time. Cheers!

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