My used Range Rover Sport: Ownership update including its EV-only range

On kick down, it puts out the full EV + ICE power of 404 BHP and it simply surges like its tail has got stung.

BHPian 14000rpm recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Brit Bloke needed a well-deserved TLC.

And it is perhaps a good time for a quick update on the ownership experience.


  • It still feels amazing to drive it around. Extremely comfortable seats and superb ride make me want to find excuses to take it out for a drive. Often times without a reason.
  • Used the cooled seats for the first time when it became super hot in Helsinki… oh what a feeling it was along with the massage seats which are now set to start automatically every time I drive.
  • The 'Sit on the car and not in the car' feeling is something that I'm spoilt by.
  • On kick down, it puts out the full EV + ICE power of 404 Bhp and it simply surges like its tail got stung.
  • I not only turn around and look back at the car, I sit in it without any intention of driving.

When not driving:

The 1400 W Meridien Reference system is simply mind-blowing. My 7-year-old daughter and I love to listen to Hans Zimmer while driving. When we get home and the track is not done, we both don't want to leave till the track is over. Sometimes, we have sat there listening to more than a few tracks while in the parking slot just outside the home. Says a lot about the sound quality.

EV only range:

While the general driving feels outstanding, the range I get is confusing me. Ever since I got the HV heater replaced (under warranty), the range has never been the same. I used to get 48-50 kms in spring when the weather was still a bit cold. It should have only gotten better in summer but it did not.
I get anywhere between 35-45 kms per charge depending on the mood of the day. When I get driving, the range drops 2-3 kms at times when I've only driven 1 km. Range Rover forum always has a 'it's a Range Rover, great car when it drives' feedback for most problems.

Empathy: unlimited. Solutions: very limited.

Brit Blokes relationship with Bongo- My 6 yr old labrador:

Well, they don't like each other. When I asked Bongo to jump inside the older car, the KIA Sorento, he would happily jump in. When I ask him the same in the Brit Bloke, he gives me a 'dude, really? can't I just stay at home?' look.

It's a much smaller place for him now and he hates it. Furthermore, he hates the slight humming sound from the Electric Magic from under the boot floor.

Brit Bloke shows his dislike for Bongo in different ways - The alarm sets off if I leave Bongo alone in the car. Turns out, it has Interior Motion Sensors that, as the name suggests, trigger when motion is detected when the car is locked. Happened a few times by now and every time it triggers, I get a call from the Range Rover call center telling me what I already know. I no longer take him in the car.

Speaking of alarms:

The Brit Bloke doesn't like being on a ship either. Sensitive fellow. Went on a Cruise to Sweden and put Brit Bloke in the car deck. 10 mins after departure, I get notified on the phone app that my car could've been stolen and I get phone calls from the call center. Went down to the car deck and looked around to see what should be done. Figured out nothing and I locked it and returned.

Triggered again. The security folk were getting irritated by now. As always, I got the call. Told them it was a false alarm and asked them to consider it as a false alarm. I then got the right advice to change the settings to Transport mode on the phone app. The catch is that it can only be changed before setting off. As for this time, turned off the 'Auto-lock' feature and left the car unlocked for the rest of the cruise.

Every day we learn something new.

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