My XUV700 AX3 petrol: Delivery, issues & overall ownership experience

The fuel efficiency of the SUV is 9-11 km/l in the city and 13-14 km/l on the highway.

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Hi everybody. Greetings and wishes for good health.

It’s my first post on this forum in which I will briefly narrate my ownership experience of XUV700.

MODEL- XUV700 AX3 Petrol Manual Everest White (5-seater), March 2022 Model

In fact, I booked an AX5 Petrol Manual in October 2021 and my tentative delivery date was October 2022. Due to the long waiting time, I started looking at alternatives like- Harrier, Hector, and Compass.

To my surprise, I received a call from my Dealership in April 2022 that an AX3 Petrol Manual is readily available in their stockyard due to some cancellations. My mind said to skip this car and wait for my own booked AX5 variant. But my heart didn’t listen to it. All the pros-cons of AX5 vs AX3, analysis of the niggles faced by some Team-BHP members and practical judgment were thrown out of the window and I said yes to the dealership, went straight for PDI, made the payment and XUV700 were in my garage in 1st week of April.

The Dealership team was polite and helpful. They didn’t force me to purchase the accessories from them. The car delivery experience was acceptably good. On the delivery day, we noticed a small grain-like scratch on the front left fender of the car. We escalated the issue right to their GM. He offered us free of cost repaint of the whole panel. We refused for repainting the whole panel for a small scratch. Then, they arranged the Everest white shade from their workshop and did a touch-up with that paint. They also offered us a door rain wiser kit free of cost as a token of apology. We liked their gesture.

Now, the accessories added to my XUV:

  • 17 Inches Alloys (04 Nos) - From Mahindra Dealership
  • Side Footsteps - From Mahindra Dealership
  • Osram H7 LEDs High & Low beam (04 Nos) - Amazon
  • Rear camera - From Mahindra Dealership
  • Door rain wiser - From Mahindra Dealership (free of cost)
  • 3D Floor mats - From Mahindra Dealership
  • Dash Cam 70mai - Amazon
  • Digitally wired tyre inflator - Amazon

Coming to Niggles that I faced:

  1. Metal Thud noise from the front of the car on small bumps/ potholes with speed <20 km/h. I have discussed this issue with both my dealer and the service centre. They inspected the car's front part and re-torqued all the suspected nuts/bolts. However, the issue is not resolved yet. Of late, most of the Scorpio-N owners are also reporting similar kinds of kat-kat noise. I hope Mahindra quickly pulls out some solutions for this issue.
  2. The rear left side Damper of the suspension started leaking with oil stains in my garage. My car is only driven on highways. The service centre quickly diagnosed it and it was replaced with a new damper at zero cost.
  3. Co-driver side power window refused to roll up for 1 hour. Then, it started working on its own. It’s working fine till now. I will discuss it with MASS during the next visit.
  4. While installing the side footstep, the technician over-torqued one bolt and broke its head. It took a tapping machine 02 hours to cut the old bolt body and make new threads. Finally, it was resolved.
  5. After rain or a car wash, when I move the car, the car takes effort to move. It moves after making 02 clicking sounds from the rear wheels as if the brake pads got stuck to the disc and then got released.
  6. While braking at crawling speeds, the rear brakes make some noise that usually catches my attention.
  7. Football in the boot is also heard only when the gasoline tank is full.

Everything aside, I love each and every second of driving this car. The sheer size of the car becomes invisible with its feather-light steering. The front DRLs make sure that they catch the eyeball of each and every person on the road. The mStallion turbo petrol is a silent beast. This aggressive beast wakes up with a tap on the accelerator pedal without any need to downshift. On highways, I enjoy the look on Creta / Seltos owners' faces when they miserably try to match their speeds with XUV700 and get stunned by the XUV700’s acceleration even in triple-digit speeds. Wheel spins happen even in 3rd gear. My city mileage is 9-11 km/l and my highway at 13-14 km/l.

I take pride in driving such a powerful & beautiful SUV every time when other people look back at it. The XUV has finished 5000 km and I’m looking forward to lots of wonderful driving experiences with this car.

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