Need advice: Severe oil consumption issue on my Interceptor 650

My bike has burnt 1 liter of engine oil for just 3500 km of usage.

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My 2022 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 has done 8500 km till now. I had topped up the engine oil on the 2nd free service at 5000 kms. When I casually checked the engine oil level it was well below the ideal level. So I topped it immediately. It took nearly a liter of engine oil. My bike had burnt 1 liter of engine oil for just 3500 km of usage. Is this quantity of burning normal on interceptor/ continental GT 650? Or should I get my engine checked?

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Assuming that you had checked the oil level on a warm engine with the motorcycle in centre stand on a level parking lot : -

Are you getting smoke out of the exhaust ?

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Check for oil leakage on the engine and drain bolt. When the engine and exhausts are cold, stick your finger in the exhaust and check for oily residue. If its burning through oil, there will be residue inside the exhaust pipes, like you can see on older 2 stroke bikes. Another sign of burning oil is white smoke from the exhaust while running and a burning smell. Your engine is consuming almost a litre of oil in 3500kms,which seems a bit high. Probably the valve seals or piston rings are worn out. Since its a new bike, I suggest you get it checked out at the dealership.

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One litre of oil for 3500 km is high. The 650 engine has a issue of drinking oil as per some posts here on the 650 thread, however not at an alarming rate. My bike is a 22' make as well and I have run around 4700 kms, but haven't seen much of drop in level nor have I topped it up.

Hopefully, you haven't over-filled.

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