Team-BHP Tees: New print designs & colours added


We've made a few upgrades to the Team-BHP T-Shirts on offer!

In addition to the original Black & White coloured tees, 3 new shades have been added. Charcoal Grey, Bright Red and Navy Blue can now be chosen as the base for most designs.

As pictured here, 3 new personalizable designs have been added as well:

Eat, Sleep, X, Repeat : Have a passion for Driving, Off-Roading, Redlining, Travelling or anything else? You can choose to make that known with what's turning out to be our most popular tee design so far.

RIDE / ATGATT : A riding & safety related option for all the 2-wheeler fans out there. The tri-colour print looks spectacular in person.

Silhouette (1977 Turbo) : A rear-engined classic gets added to the collection, to complement our earlier 'Silhouette' design. We'll be adding more automotive icons to this series in the future too.

As with all of our Tee designs, the text is personalizable. You can choose to have your own name, number plate, nickname or any other text emblazoned on these tees in razor sharp high-quality print.

Here's the link to view the T-Shirts on the Team-BHP Store.


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