Nexon diesel AMT: Mixed impressions after a drive & passenger ride

I came back very unimpressed with the AMT. I surely wouldn't buy one!

BHPian Biker Ram recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got a chance to drive a Nexon diesel AMT over a few days. Spent a good amount of time sitting in the passenger seat too. Came back with mixed feelings:

  1. AMT: Numerous discussions on TeamBHP. Some are very opposed to AMTs and surprisingly many have no issues with them. After the Nexon experience, I came back very unimpressed with the AMT. I surely wouldn't buy one!
  2. Music system: Very good in itself. But I felt the diesel's NVH levels didn't let me appreciate it fully.
  3. Ride quality: No complaints. The suspension felt good.
  4. Handling: Good on highways. Didn't get a chance to push on winding roads.
  5. Brakes: Didn't feel as good as cars with all 4 disks, but felt sufficient for the highways, especially considering the rear drum setup.
  6. It felt like a good highway mile-muncher. In manual mode switching between 4th, 5th and 6th gear made overtaking and cruising easy.
  7. Ergonomics felt nice. Got used to the car very quickly.

I felt it's a nice practical car to own that one starts appreciating in the long term. Unlike something that blows away one's mind initially but then starts showing the pain points.

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