Next-gen Nissan GT-R could feature a V6-hybrid powertrain

The Nissan GT-R takes on the likes of the Porsche 911

Nissan is said to be working on the next-generation iteration of its popular GT-R sports car. According to a media report, the new-gen Nissan GT-R will continue to feature an IC engine but could receive electric assistance.

Makoto Uchida, CEO of Nissan recently confirmed that the next-gen GT-R or 'R36' will be based on an all-new platform, which allows a certain degree of electrification. Going by this, we could see Nissan plonking the next-gen model with a hybrid version of the 3.8-litre, twin-turbo, V6 powering the current R35 sports car.

Reports suggest that Nissan is aiming to make the next-gen GT-R "the fastest sports car in the world".

Apart from the tweaks to the powertrain, Nissan will obviously bring in a number of visual updates to the next-gen GT-R as well. While details are scarce, the Japanese carmaker could be looking at some popular models from its past to take inspiration - similar to the recently unveiled Nissan Z.

There are no details or a timeline yet for the unveiling of the next-gen Nissan GT-R. The current model (R35) has been on sale for over a decade and has received many minor updates and 'special edition' iterations over the years. The new R36 will be the sixth iteration of the popular sports car once launched.

Source: Autocar UK

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