Parivahan Sewa - portal with centralized road transport data

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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) has launched a new Parivahan Sewa website, under the central government's Digital India mission. It is a centralized database of RTO records of various states. The ministry had earlier opened the Vaahan and Sarathi portals, which showcased a similar accumulation of data from various RTOs. But these portals were RTO-centric and were thus unorganized, and had improper / incomplete information. These limitations have now been addressed by the new Parivahan Sewa website that has converged all fragmented databases into a single portal.

Under the Parivahan Sewa portal, the government has managed to achieve 100% automation of over 1,000 RTOs in the country. The portal claims to have over 19.6 crore vehicle records and 9.2 crore driving licence records in its database. RTO users can now access the system through a secured log-in and authentication. Dealerships too have been given a dedicated dealer portal on the website that helps them enter all relevant vehicle data and generate the vehicle registration number instantly. Even the registration fees can be paid online. This has minimized the need to visit Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) regularly, as the dealer can submit all required documents on a weekly basis to complete the registration process.

Additionally, citizens can access classified information about their vehicles and licenses by entering the required details in the Online Services section of the website. Detailed information about various RTO procedures has been mentioned on the portal, including licence, permits and registration procedures.

Additionally, there is a dashboard section that showcases the statistical data and trends of vehicle registrations over a period of time. This shows the number of vehicle registrations, total revenue collection, number of permits issued, fuel-wise split of vehicles sold and classification of types of vehicles registered. RTO-wise data can be seen by selecting your state from a drop-down menu.

The government is aiming to implement the centralized database throughout the country in the coming months.

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