Petrolheads list things they miss about their cars after selling them

I owned a Dodge Charger for 8 years, which turned heads till the day I sold it.

BHPian amitoj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Let me preface this thread by saying that I love my current car, a 2021 Subaru WRX STI with a huge spoiler to boot But the other day I got into my car, kept my sunglasses in the cubby below the car stereo and remembered how my previous car, a 2012 Dodge Charger AWD R/T had a special case mounted about the rearview mirror just for holding sunglasses. And I missed that! That got me thinking what else do I miss about the car? And then what do other people miss about the last car that they owned? Hence this thread. So, here are a few other things I miss about that car:

  • The red colour and the looks. I took good care of the car and did not let its paint shine deteriorate at all over the 8 years of my ownership. As a result, to the day I sold the car, it was a head-turner.

  • The V8 grunt and the straight-line acceleration. The fact that I still have this video tells you how much I miss it.

  • It was a very capable grocery-getter too. So much so that it had a net in the boot to hold all your groceries. I wish all cars had that by default.

  • Another little thing was the net screen that would pop up when you opened the sunroof. It was supposed to keep the bugs at bay and judging by the dead bugs it used to collect, the thing did its job well. Or maybe it did not but it was a cool feature that I liked to show off. No picture of that. Sorry

These are the little things that I miss about that car. I did not include things like how spacious it was because, well, I intentionally went for a smaller car when I replaced it, and I do not regret it.

I am sure you all have even more interesting things to share.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

The only real car I miss from all my exes is the 1st-gen Honda City Vtec. It was wildly fun <100 kmph, and wildly scary above 120 kmph.

It was a lot of fun to rev from 0 - 100. It was a lot of fun to drop a gear at 40 kmph and then take her to 7100 rpm in 2nd gear.

In many ways, I see a lot of similarities between the City Vtec & RX100 (also an ex of mine). Basic vehicles, only fun because of their rev-happy always-on-fire engines. Other than the motor & slick gearshifts, they were both poor handlers at speed.

Things I miss:

  • 7100 rev-happy NA engine. The best NA engine I have ever owned, and among the best India has ever seen. In the world of 2-strokes, the RX100 is among the best India ever saw.
  • Purity of the hydraulic steering wheel. Same goes for my Civic too, it had a beautiful steering.
  • With both these vehicles, you could have fun even at 60 to 80 kmph.

Here's what BHPian deep_bang had to say on the matter:

Most of my older cars had a temperature indicator which shows up as a scale from blue (cold) to red (hot) and we all know that the indicator should not go beyond the midpoint.

My 2013 Mahindra Quanto had this.

My 2013 Mahindra XUV500 does not. It has just a simple blue and Red LED. I have fortunately never seen the red LED light up - but it's crazy not knowing how close the engine is towards being in the red zone.

I also had a 2005 Honda City CVT that also did not have a gauge, but just an LED.

Coming to TPMS, right now I have an accessory that shows the tyre pressure of each tyre. I dread the day my newer cars will simplify this and make it just a warning LED instead of showing me a number.

The world wants to make life simpler. In the process, it's making people dumber.

Here's what BHPian that_sedate_guy had to say on the matter:

That charger looks eye-watering for all the right reasons if you know what I mean!

Anyway, I moved from a 2003 model Mahindra MM540 Jeep to a 2022 model Maruti WagonR Automatic. Drastic change, yes. Here's what comes to mind in terms of missing from the previous car:

  1. The insane levels of torque along with a 4WD low which could be trusted just about anywhere at any time. The small car on the other hand just does not have the physiology to be capable of that.
  2. The truck-like ground clearance allowed me to embarrass my cruel neighbour who used to keep boulders on the road to make me go on a round route. I used to simply drive over the rocks but now I can't.
  3. The ROAD PRESENCE! Just about everyone and everything goes white in the face when they see the jeep approaching. A feeling that can be replicated only by a few vehicles even today.

I'm not going to talk about other points that we've not missed or where the WagonR shines better etc since that's not the point of the thread. Anyway, closing off with a pic. The jeep is around 15 years old in this picture and went on to look the same till the day I sold it in 2022.

Here's what BHPian AtheK had to say on the matter:

The TSI + DSG combination backed by a stage 2 remap on my Vento, that car was an absolute hoot to drive. My current Hector is a very Sedate driving car and unable to provide that adrenaline rush which you yearn for once in a blue moon.

Hector on its part keeps the entire family happy with the plush and comfortable ride both in the city and on the highway.

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