Polygon vs Trek: Need a road bike for endurance long distance riding

Polygon looks to be better value for money with Trek being on the expensive side.

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I am looking to buy a new road bike and after many reviews and considerations, landed on the Polygon Strattos S4 and Trek Domane AL3 Disc. Not able to decide which one to go for - Polygon comes with a better groupset of Tiagra, but the Trek comes with lifetime warranty on frame and generally better brand perception. Polygon looks to be better value for money with Trek being on the expensive side.

For context, I'm looking more for endurance long distance riding. Previously used to ride a Giant TCR Aluminium frame bike with Shimano 105 groupset few years back and loved it. This time Giant seems to be exorbitantly priced with supply chain issues due to covid.



Here's what BHPian jai_asnani98 had to say on the matter:

Hey Moonis!

I consider myself able to answer this question because until 3 months ago, yours truly was doing extensive research on good road bikes and looked at various options. I ended up choosing a Scott for the same reason as you have mentioned - 'brand perception'. How that turned out to be is a different story altogether.

My two cents on each brand:

  • Polygon- It's a relatively nascent brand in India but they are pretty damn good. Matter of time before they hike their prices too. Flyin' off the shelves.
  • Trek- One word: Tough. MTB, roadie, gravel ar selling like hot cakes too. No matter what the price.

My verdict- Go for the Domane. I believe by spending a few thousands more you can have a bike that would give you the liberty to use it as a gravel too. Though it's not gravel specific, it's gravel capable. Plus, you get disc brakes too. Strattos comes equipped with rim. So that's an added advantage.

So if you're willing to step a groupset down and weigh the benefits like disc brakes and a gravel capable bike, go for the Domane.

I have a few more options in mind. Check out Marin bikes, especially those built with Chromoly steel. Built like a tank! Equipped with disc brakes too. Nicasio and Four Corners particularly. Pretty sure it will fit comfortably in your budget and you'll end up saving a whole lotta moolah. Will come in handy when you'd consider upgrading the groupset.

If you're deviating from comfort and start craving speed, or vice versa, I must mention you get good flexibility for different tire sizes too.

All the Best!

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