Rattling noise coming from the front brake of my TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

It started after I met with an accident last year. I hear the noise whenever I make a U-turn.

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Hello, fellow riders. I own a 2021 TVS Apache 160 4V. I've only clocked around 7k kms in the past 3 years as my parents are petrified of riding a bike on our highways. The bike has served me well with no issues whatsoever.

However, I met with an accident past year with an auto that sideswiped me because he saw a potential "bhada". Since then I've been hearing rattling sounds from my brakes whenever I make a turn. When I went for my routine service a few months ago, I pointed this issue out along with video proof (captured using an action cam). They told me it was some debris and after cleaning it the noise is gone. I test rode it, made a few 8s, and was not able to hear it. But now again I'm noticing it. Today after taking a closer look, I found that the brake pad is hitting a metal structure, which causes the rattle whenever the tyre turns, and consequently vibrates (encircled):

Also, the caliper seems to be held on by only one bolt. (indicated by arrow):

This is the first bike my family owns, so I never had any exposure to how they work. Is this supposed to be like this?

Also, the noise occurs when the tire vibrates, which I tried to recreate by hitting the tire.

Here's what BHPian Mr.Boss had to say about the matter:

Worn out caliper pin, get it replaced.

OT: Front wheel axle has so many threads projecting beyond the nut, is it the case with all Apache RTR or specific to your bike, get it checked.

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