Real-world fuel efficiency of the 3rd-gen Maruti Swift petrol

8 BHPians have reported the efficiencies of their 3rd-gen Maruti Swift petrols.

BHPians kushagra452, VentViper, sumeethaldankar, TSEA, Sheel, qr20de, Hickstead, and Amey Kulkarni recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

kushagra452 has regularly reported the efficiency of his Swift AMT. At 3,500 km, before the second service, he recorded:

Mileage has increased to 19 kmpl.

At the 5,000 km mark, it remained the same:

Fuel economy has jumped up to ~19 kmpl.

At the 9,4000 km mark, the FE increased:

100% city driving. 9400 kms done. Getting 20.3 Kms/L.

At the 13,000 km mark, he reported:

Completed 13000 kms. Usage 100% within the city. Average fuel efficiency with the AC on is ~18.5 km/litre.

VentViper replaced his 2008 Swift Vxi with a 2019 Swift ZXi+:

Better mileage (~14 kmpl in the city compared to ~10 on the old 1.3l).

sumeethaldankar had this to say after completing 2,200 km in his ZXi+:

I have completed 2.2k kms since I got her (MT Petrol ZXi+). FE is good and is giving a healthy 16-17 kmpl.

At the 8,600 km mark, he recorded the best and worst fuel efficiency:

New 2019 Suzuki Swift MT Petrol done ~8.6k Kms

Daily run: 62 Kms.

40% Inter City Highway.


  • Best : 17.01 Kmpl.
  • Average: 15.10 Kmpl.
  • Worst: 13.54 Kmpl.

FE is calculated via cut-off to cut-off using Fuel log app.

TSEA reported his efficiency of his petrol AMT in two intervals. In 2018:

I drive from Bannerghatta Road (via Manipal County-->Hosur Road) to Electronic City. My petrol AMT gives me around 13.4 kmpl.

Almost a year later:

I have a petrol AMT. I drive in moderate bangalore traffic and get around 14-14.5 kmpl.

Sheel had this to say on his Swift ZXi+:

My Swift ZXi+ has done over 4,000 kms. Mileage is a consistent 15+ inside the city with lots of idling [waiting for kid at school, for wife while shopping].

Has done one long drive [over 1,500 kms] and one of around 600 kms. Glad to say, that still no rattle or squeaks have developed. On highways, the economy was over 20 kmpl.

qr20de reported his efficiency of his Swift AMT over a period of 3 years. In 2018, after completing 1,700 km:

Average efficiency is currently at 14.9 kpl.

In 2019 after completing 10,000 km:

Mileage ratio: 90% city, 10% highway

I'm an extremely lightfooted driver; I'm in no hurry when I'm behind the wheel. That could be the reason my average F.E. is 16.1 kmpl.

In 2020 after completing 20,000 km:

Average fuel efficiency: Consistently doing 16 kpl with a share of 80% city and 20% highway.

Here's what Hickstead had to say:

We bought a New Swift VXI AMT on July 4th 2019 and currently the odo is at 2200 km. I have recently calculated the fuel efficiency through tank full to tank full method. Our general usage is 50% highway - 50% city and the mileage that we are able extract as of now is 17.9 kmpl.

Amey Kulkarni reported the efficiency of his Swift AMT:

Maruti Suzuki Swift AMT 2018

  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Transmission: AMT 5 Speed
  • Odometer: ~4,000 km (current)
  • A/C usage: 100%
  • Road conditions: 50% City / 50% Highway
  • Average FE: 19.2 - 19.4 km/l (tank to tank)
  • Passengers: Driver and Co-Driver
  • Tyre pressure: 30 psi
  • Luggage: 30% boot occupied
  • Max Speed on Highway: 120 km/h
  • RPM: varying between 1k to 3.5k

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