Replacing my Honda Activa 125's drive belt for just Rs 630

I initially had an outside fear that the oil level had dropped and the engine might have seized due to this.

BHPian BLACNWYTE recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

One fine day last month I went to pick up my better half from her work and I parked the scooter. When I tried to start it for our return journey I was shocked to see that the self-start was not working. When the button was pressed there was a 'tak' sound and the display goes off. I thought the battery might have gone weak even though until half an hour ago the self was working just fine.

Next, I tried the kicker and to my utter disbelief, it was stuck. it was not even moving a millimetre. the whole of my almost 100 Kg wasn't even moving it a bit. A bystander also tried to help but had no luck. Since my last service was in August 2021, I had an outside fear that the oil level might have dropped and the engine seized due to this. This was a very remote chance and I had not seen any signs of oil consumption but still. Thankfully a two-wheeler workshop was only about 20 meters from the parking lot and I pushed Blu there.

I was mentally prepared for an engine overhaul but the mechanic told me that the kicker might have just got stuck and I was skeptical. Upon opening the crankcase/ clutch case it was seen that the old drive belt teeth had snapped and was stuck in between there causing all of it to get stuck. The only thing it needed was a new drive belt. Huge sigh of relief from my end. There was a spares shop just beside the workshop and I got one compatible drive belt from there and got the replacement done. The mechanic lubricated the joints and kicker and everything was back to normal.


  • New Drive Belt (Rolon Make): Rs 380
  • Labour: Rs 250

Total: Rs 630

The odometer stands at 43,5xx km.

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