Royal Enfield Super Meteor mileage on 400km ride & 8 other observations

I feel that the fuel efficiency that the motorcycle returned on the road trip is not bad at all.

BHPian TorqueyTechie recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So I went on a long ride (~400 kms) this past Sunday and had a few observations.

  1. Bike feels at home on highways and can easily cruise at speeds between 80-100 all day long with adequate power left for those quick overtakes.
  2. While the stock mirrors are adequate, I still prefer the wide rectangle-shaped ones as I feel it gives me a wider view. Also, there is a play in the left mirror post 70-80 kmph. Need to get it checked in the first service.
  3. Need to definitely have a windshield added else the ride becomes tiring due to the wind.
  4. Almost at the end of the ride I was stuck in a jam and had to crawl for a few kms. While managing the bike at slow speeds is not difficult, there was a lot of heat being dissipated which made it a bit difficult for both me and my wife (pillion).
  5. Gear shifts are a little notchy and not very smooth. Hopefully should change post-first service.
  6. While I was not tired at the end of the ride, my wife was a not-so-happy pillion. Definitely need to upgrade the seat.
  7. Around 90% of the roads that we went on were good, the bike handled the rest 10% of the roads pretty well. Not too harsh ride.
  8. Bike underbelly hit on a couple of tall speed breakers even at slow speeds. I need to adjust my riding style to ensure that this does not happen.

Fuel efficiency

I had topped up the tank before the start of the ride and had to refuel around 25kms before home. Fuel efficiency was around 26.5 kmpl which I feel is not bad. In the city, I got around 22.5 but it's still early days.

Overall we both enjoyed the ride so much that my wife is already planning for the next one.

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