Same Price | Skoda Octavia L&K vs Skoda Superb Sportline

Family travels together in the city & on the highway, so backseat will be used, although the car will always be self-driven (no chauffeur).

BHPian GTO recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A cousin visited the Skoda showroom and has been offered the Octavia L&K and Superb Sportline at exactly the same price of 34.xx lakhs. Family travels together in the city & on the highway, so backseat will be used, although the car will always be self-driven (no chauffeur).

Which would you pick for the same price? The L&K Octavia or the Sportline Superb?

I told him the Octavia will be a bit more fun to drive, is fresh off the block and also be easier to park in the city. But I did suggest that the Octavia is "overpriced" at 34.5 lakhs, while the Superb is well-priced for the same money. The Octavia L&K does have the features advantage too, especially with that deadly sound system etc. which the Superb Sportline doesn't get.

On the other hand, the Superb offers limo-like space, a comfier drive and "big car" presence. Not as much fun as the Octavia, but a nice experience nevertheless. The L&K variant with the better sound system + ventilated seats etc. is being offered for a few lakhs more, but he is already stretching his budget to 34 lakhs, so isn't keen.

Here's what BHPian speedmiester had to say on the matter:

Definitely Octavia. The bells and whistles of the L&K variant will be well worth it over the Superb. Since the car will be self driven, Octavia is the better choice.

Even personally, given an option, I will choose Octavia. Superb is too long a car for daily drive and Octavia is not skimping on rear space.

Here's what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

Firstly, superbly relevant thread / comparo. Really depends on what specifically they want. No really clear answer to this. Personally I would pick the Superb Sportline for the same price. More car, same engine, close enough driving dynamics.

Here are some considerations laid out but the lines are well and truly blurred:

1. Length: Yes the Superb is a tad longer but the Octavia is no Rapid either. To my mind, the delta length is not a big differentiator when it comes to parking inconvenience. Add to that most malls etc. have parking and if I was going to some cramped place I'd probably have a second smaller car I can use instead for such a trip.

2. Comfort: Extra back seat comfort is always perceptible and the Superb will score here. Also, if they are long term owners, you can't rule out driving patterns changing over the years and a chauffeur coming into the picture.

3. Resale: Expect discounts at some point on the already overpriced L&K Octavia. While I would not choose based on resale per se, you can't ignore that a discounted Superb will effectively translate to lesser depreciation than buying a full priced Octavia at launch which subsequently got discounted. Also, in a price sensitive resale market, the Superb might have better pull than the Octavia.

4. Driving pleasure: I don't believe the difference will be dramatic enough to choose Octavia over the Superb but this is very relative and personal of course. I will usually pick even millimeters extra back seat comfort - someone else may have the same opinion on difference in driving dynamics.

5. Iteration: Both are current-gen iterations so in that sense, getting a Superb at Octavia price is great.

6. Variants: This is a big one. Personally, I could live without the L&K features and make do with Sportline - it helps that I also like the interior look and feel of the Sportline. Its an extremely compelling variant by itself and the extra features on the L&K are not fatal (very subjective of course). Add to that the fact that the Superb gets a sunroof (I hope the Sportline does, I haven't checked). I would love the idea of opening up the internal cover at night / early AM so I can look up through the glass house. Gives an incredible feeling of space.

In my case, I'd most likely make the stretch for the Superb L&K so a lot of the points above become moot but then that's not the specific question asked here so I'm not delving into more detail on this aspect and keeping the comparo strict to the two variants.

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