Steering vibration in a Tata Harrier

The said vibrations are only felt when steering is held very lightly, with one hand.

BHPian maddyg recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have a 2021 May manufactured XT+. Recently noticed that there is a slight amount of steering vibration between 105-120 km/h. Below and above, it feels normal. The said vibrations are only felt when steering is held very lightly, with one hand without holding tight. With both hands on the wheel, it's barely perceivable. Checked this on a long highway drive, behaviour is consistent.

Haven't noticed this till I got alignment done at 5k, could be due to the fact that the only long long run till then was during the running in period and did not attempt to cross 100+. Major reason for alignment was left pull, which is still present though slightly less in nature. Alignment was performed outside, not at the ASC.

Second service is scheduled this weekend, wondering if I should report the above behaviour at ASC and demand a solution (don't want it to worsen though). Anyone else noticed something similar?

Here's what BHPian gkveda had to say on the matter:

Is the issue there from day 1 or recently started? If it's started recently, probably the balance weights from the wheel would have fallen. You may need to do wheel balancing.

How many kms has the car run? Even if the car has run 4000 kms, there is a good chance that balance would have gone off. You can do wheel balancing and get back the original stability.

Suggest to get balancing done outside with local wheel shop and avoid dealer for this work.

Here's what BHPian lsjey had to say on the matter:

This could be because of bad alignment or tyre wall bulge/damage also. Do check with a good tyre care shop. I had this problem in my Vista and Manza and in both cases it turned out to be defective tyres. Had to run around with OEM of the tyre and get discount/credit to redeem in the tyre shop while purchasing a new tyre.

Here's what BHPian IamNikhil had to say on the matter:

If a new car is pulling to the left, with not many kilometres under it's belt, you should definitely bring it to the notice of the ASC. This can be a wheel balancing issue, but you should get this rectified immediately.

Here's what BHPian BlackPearl had to say on the matter:

If the vibration is there at a specific speed range it points to wheel balancing. Please get the wheel balancing done and check. If the issue persists then it needs to be investigated further.

Here's what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

This looks like a wheel balancing issue. Hitting a pothole at high speeds can easily cause something like this. I personally never rely on the ASC for alignment and balancing. These are best done at your reputed neighbourhood tire shop.

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