Suzuki Gixxer SF 250: Ownership update after 2 months of riding

The bike really is at home on our narrow Kerala roads. Its so easy to flick into corners.

BHPian neil.jericho recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Here are some recent ownership updates on the Gixxer SF 250.

Delay in getting the RC card:

Its been 2 months since I took delivery of the Suzuki Gixxer SF 250. Around 2 weeks ago, someone from the showroom called me to ask for pictures of the number plates. As per what was then explained to me, the showroom is supposed to upload pictures of the HSRP, for the RC to get generated. For some reason they didnt do it on time and had misplaced the photographs of the plates on my bike.

Since then, I kept calling the showroom manager every 2 days, asking for an update on when I will receive the RC card. After getting silly excuses for more than a week and a half, it took a really strong conversation to get him to go to the RTO, to investigate why the paperwork hadnt been processed. A couple of days ago, I was told that it had been submitted. I should be getting the RC card within a week.

There was no reason for the Aluva Suzuki showroom to dilly dally on this for so long. At least they got it done. Better late than never.

Anyways, onto more positive updates.

Improving usability:

I had purchased a Rynox Optimus tank bag with the store credit that I had from my terrible Rynox riding pants. Ive started using it as a tail bag on the Gixxer SF 250. When strapped down properly, the bag doesnt move around and it makes running errands, a real breeze. I leave the two side straps mounted on the bike. Once you start using a tail bag, you really cant think of going back to using a regular backpack.

Short ride - Bhoothathankettu Dam:

Last weekend, I went for a solo ride to Bhoothathankettu Dam. The bike really is at home on our narrow Kerala roads. Its so easy to flick into corners. Even if you spot a pothole mid turn, you can pick the bike back up and lean it back, in one fluid motion. The light clutch is the biggest difference maker to me. That and the supple suspension, make the bike a real joy to ride.

Inaugural Suzuki VStrom SX Customer Meet:

Last month, I was invited to the first Suzuki VStrom 250 owners meet at the Nihara Resort in Cochin. Being a Gixxer SF 250 owner, I wasnt sure why I was invited. However, the showroom manager and ASM did call to invite me and both of them insisted that I should join the lunch meet. Being a weekday, not all the Vstrom 250 owners could attend the function. The Suzuki officials and representatives from the 4 dealers in Cochin were present. There were less than a dozen owners of 250 cc Suzuki motorcycles. The owners were invited to come up and share their feedback on the VStrom 250 including areas of improvement, suggestions on the product, sales experience etc.

Being in the hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts bubble gives you one perspective of the products in the Indian market. Listening to fellow owners share their thoughts on these motorcycles opens up whole new dimensions to the motorcycle enthusiasts market. I greatly enjoyed listening to the perspectives of other owners.

After a tasty lunch, the bikes were arranged for a quick photoshoot. Then, we did a short ride to get some pictures taken.

The hall where the event was held.

The owner bikes parked at the resort.

I cannot explain why a SF 250 is in the middle of the group picture at a VStrom 250 owners meet.

Suzuki's officials have promised to periodically arrange such meet and greet events, every 2 months or so. With the launch of the VStrom 250, the company has finally woken up and realized the need to build a rider community. The VStrom 250 is giving them some traction in the market. True, to their word, they organized an overnight ride to Munroe Island, as part of the company's Independence Day celebrations. More on that in the next update.

A teaser from the Independence Day ride.

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