Tata Motors buys 26% stake in TruckEasy

Tata Motors Finance Holdings, a subsidiary of Tata Motors Limited has purchased 26% stake in TruckEasy - a Bangalore-based freight aggregator.

According to Tata Motors, the investment is expected to provide an insight into the new technologies that are being used in the logistics sector. It is also claimed to help the company understand the market dynamics of intra-city freight movement. Data analytics provided by TruckEasy will be used in the research and development of new products to cater to changing market requirements.

TruckEasy was founded in 2015 by Nikhil Thomas, Vikram Kodgi and Avinash Achar. It offers a cloud-based platform with real-time tracking and alerts for the transporting requirements of businesses within Bangalore. With the new investment, the company is now planning to expand its services to more cities.

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