Tata Nexon EV Dark Edition: Initial impressions after taking delivery

This is my first Tata car and I'm very impressed how they have come long way and I wish them lots of success and improvements ahead.

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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I took delivery of my Tata Nexon XZ+ Dark Edition.

I had taken the test drive before but it was a short one. I was really impressed how the car drives. I actually don't have much words to express. Somehow I found it brilliant. The eco/normal mode drive is just perfect. There's right amount of acceleration and regeneration. It's got fine torque, exactly the right amount you need in city drives. I was blown away.

But there's one big minus point, the brakes. They're not the best. They're not bad but they're not the best. One has to brake early if you're on a high speed, especially on sports mode. Well, sports mode is a beast. Other than brakes, the driving is simply soothing and perfect for city. It's a very smooth ride too with right suspension tuning and comfort. Ground clearance kills it as potholes are not a problem for Nexon EV at all.

Quality is nice. I like the leatherette door pads and seats. Hard plastics are better than average in dashboard. Piano black plastic is average. Harman speakers are very good. Overall there are places where quality can be improved but let's be honest, at this price you get quality what you pay for. If you're spoilt with luxury cars, you will find this car very much decent with quality overall. But nothing looks cheap or low quality anywhere so that's a good thing.

I felt the infotainment system screen size could be little bigger. Felt very compact because every detail is on screen. Even when you switch on the A/C, it shows on screen. There's no light for on/off on A/C physical button (at least I'm not aware of). A/C works fantastic. It doesn't cool but it chills inside even with 1 number of fan speed. Very comfortable seats, especially at the rear. Believe me, it's better than Audi A4 real seats also. I know, hard to digest but I am telling you, the comfort is very good. Didn't like rear arm rest cup holders at all. They should have kept it simple. I do use rear arm rest cup holders a lot since I drink coffee, red bull etc very often.

Other than that, the car overall is very practical and solid. I love the storage space given in the middle and the glove box space is very spacious. It's a great EV car. I am very impressed with the driving and overall comfort.

One thing I would definitely want to point out. It's Tata 2.0. I've grown up looking at shitty plastics interior of Tata which I always disliked. My uncle always used to buy Tata cars and I never liked them. This is my first Tata car and I'm very impressed how they have come long way and I wish them lots of success and improvements ahead. Make India proud. Tata cars now don't feel cheap at all and it's very much like any other car manufacturers like Honda, Hyundai, Maruti etc.

If I had to rate the car overall at initial impression, I would give 7.5/10.

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