Things I noticed about my XUV700's Apple CarPlay after iOS 16.1 update

I have observed that the car and the iPhone work with each other quite well.

BHPian abirnale recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

With the new iOS 16 rolled out and now with 16.1 Public Beta, I faced disconnection only once in the last week plus time. Some of the things I noticed in the week gone by are:

  • The wireless CarPlay connects automatically at every engine-crank cycle.
  • The disconnection can happen if I have been switching on and off the wifi and Bluetooth on my phone. I haven’t touched the ICE settings at all.
  • The hard buttons from the consoles work as before. The drive mode, SVR are the most frequently used buttons for me. I have observed that if I try to access the drive mode immediately after cranking the engine, the screen doesn’t come up. But if the full boot of the system and engine idling is completed, the drive mode button works just perfect.
  • The SVR screen comes up flawlessly every time I slot the gear between D, R and immediately in P. It’s my wish list item that when in the morning I slot from P to D, the front camera should come up first. I really want to see if a rat or cat is around the corner hiding behind the pillar in the basement parking lot.
  • The displays of in-cabin temperatures, AC settings, I want to see every time I touch the panel buttons to control it. In the 5OO, every time the auto-climate triggers any change in fan speed, a large pop-up dialogue used to come and occupy the entire screen - that is not what I want. I just need to see if the temperature is 23 or 25-degree celsius.
  • And yes, the mute button on the cluster of steering controls works as a pause for music when it’s being played from the iPhone. I use podcasts, Apple music a lot and this is super helpful when I have to pay attention to the shouting in the car. I just don’t want to miss the beat or lyrics or sentence.
  • I have observed that the car and the iPhone work with each other well. The phone disables the charging when kept on the wireless charging pad when it's already at 95% or so. It does have some safeguards around when to charge and when not - I don’t know the specifics but haven’t seen it heating in a week. I must drive for about a few hours continuously and see if this is the case for longer charge/ connection cycles.

And that is all with a small list of observations to add to.

In the hope of having some drive over the weekend, signing off for the week.

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