Tips on how to drive a car safely while going downhill in the mountains

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Having driven on such roads many times before, I knew that taking my Isuzu V-Cross downhill will be more dangerous.

BHPian Jude300 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

In a sorrowful turn of events, 4 youngsters lost their lives in a horrific accident. One of them is my sister-in-law's own brother. I can't just believe how life can just change within seconds.

Here's what BHPian AdityaDeane replied:

Feel really bad for all those who lost their lives due to the time taken for rescue. Have been to Jalori Pass a couple of times in my Triber, and other official vehicles, and it really requires skills to drive your vehicle due to both the steep ascent and descent.

Moreover, as written in the news, very few locals drive there at the night, because all these passes are considered dangerous at night, and especially for tourists, driving downhill with engine braking is tough, and it takes a toll on the brakes of the vehicles as well, with clutch heating and brake fails a common phenomenon.

Again, really sad about the loss! May their souls rest in peace.

Here's what BHPian tazmaan replied:

I was on the very same Pass in my Isuzu V-cross last week. I did it from Jibhi's side, to and fro. The route is steep and while climbing, the Isuzu being heavy 2+ tons, had a tough time if the momentum is broken.

Having driven on such roads many times I knew it's more dangerous downhill. Used ample amount of engine braking including 1st gear for the downhill drive on the long section of hairpins. The local Alto guys honked at me in full glory, I would simply put my hand out and apologize and give them way at the first opportunity.

At halfway downhill, I could smell the brakes so took a 10-min stop where space was available and enjoyed the views. My wife asked me why I stopped and I explained to her and the kids the whole reason why I stopped.

Other than the local Alto cars a lot of CH and DL registered cars (mostly SUVs) overtook me while going downhill.

Watch this video for how I did it.

Example of how I allowed faster cars to pass.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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