Tyre prices have increased in the recent past

I was shocked, a Rs. 500 price increase in around 6 months?

BHPian avi550m recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I was looking to replace my old XM2's on my A-Star and had initially searched for prices in August last year. Here were the prices I got for 155/80 R13 size tyres:

  • MRF ZLX: 3100/-
  • Continental CC5: 3750/-
  • Yokohama Earth-1: 3600/-

I did not get the tyres changed due to the rising cases at that time, plus I was not going out much. So now I decided it was time to change the tyres, I asked the same dealer for a quote and this is what he gave me:

  • MRF ZLX: 3600/-
  • Continental CC5: 4250/-
  • Yokohama Earth-1: 4100/-

I was shocked, a Rs. 500 price increase in around 6 months? The dealer said that since supply was less, prices had increased. Has anyone else noticed this? The prices on are the same, but as other Team-BHPians have said, they are merely an intermediary and do not keep stock, so they may not have the latest prices.

Earlier I was thinking of going for the CC5's, but with the price increase, I think I will go in for the ZLX's.

Here's what BHPian foby.sebastian had to say on the matter:

Due to recent restrictions imposed by central government post corona, lot of importers are not able to import tyres from China, Taiwan, Thailand etc. Slowly Indian tyre market is getting exclusive for Indian brands or Made in India tyres atleast for UHP and PCR.

The recent restrictions have also effected the import of synthetic rubber, hence the rise in price. Lot of odd sizes are no more available in the market now. Lot of UHP tires are double the price now.

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