UK: Diesel cars to be banned in Bristol city centre

According to a media report, the Bristol City Council has approved plans to ban private diesel cars in the city centre between 7 am and 3 pm everyday. To enter Britain's first no-diesel zone, vans and taxis would be charged GBP 9 and buses and HGVs will have to pay GBP 100. The proposal is pending government approval.

The proposal expects to create a 'Clean Air Zone' and will be implemented in 2021. It is expected to reduce the nitrogen dioxide levels to legal limits by 2025. The government had ordered the Bristol City Council to produce plans to bring the area's nitrogen dioxide levels to legal limits.

The report suggests that major roads that lead in and out of the city will be inaccessible for diesel cars and other roads could become congested. The ban on diesel cars could also affect those who have taken finance packages and may have to pay a penalty to end the contract early. Owners of older cars would also be forced to upgrade to newer vehicles.


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