USA: Ferrari recalls 23,555 cars over potential brake failure

Models such as the F12TDF, LaFerrari, F60 America, California & the 458 are said to be affected.

Ferrari is recalling nearly every car it has sold in the USA since 2005. According to media reports, a total of 23,555 Ferrari cars dating back to 2005 are at the risk of a potential brake failure.

As per NHTSA's filing, the affected cars have been fitted with a potentially faulty brake fluid reservoir cap, which may not vent pressure adequately. This could lead to a vacuum in the reservoir causing the brake fluid to leak, in turn, leading to a total brake failure once the reservoir runs dry. The fix though is said to be simple - a new brake fluid reservoir cap and a software update, which sends out a message on the gauge cluster warning drivers if the brake fluids run extremely low.

As per reports, Ferrari estimate that only 1% of the cars it is recalling could be affected. The Italian carmaker also suggested that if the cars flash a low brake fluid warning, the driver should pull up immediately and have their car towed to a dealer. Ferrari plans to send out notifications to owners of affected cars on or before September 24, 2022.

From the list of cars potentially affected, older models include the 612 Scaglietti and the F430. Other models such as the F12 TDF, LaFerrari, F60 America, California & the 458 are also affected.

Source: RoadandTrack

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