Used VW Polo GT for Rs 7 lakh: Worth buying as my 1st car

The 2008 Honda City, previous-gen Honda Jazz and the Toyota Etios Liva are also worthy alternatives if you are looking for a fun-to-drive car.

BHPian crazy42 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Fellow BHPians,

I'm looking for a good used car for around Rs 7-8 Lakhs. This will be my first car.

I had come across a second hand VW Polo GT for ~Rs 7L and was wondering if this is a good deal.

Details about the car:

  1. It is a 2016 Red VW Polo GT TSI
  2. Has run around 50k KMs
  3. Has minor scratches on the rear quarter and pillion side door
  4. Supposedly has good service record and no records of any major accidents
  5. No extended warranty was purchased and hence currently out of warranty
  6. Test-driven by my friend but not very extensive and he says it is good. I have yet to take a test drive

What I'm looking for:

  • I have driven various cars but never a VW, and in general, I liked the way some of the cars handle
  • I would like to have a good and fun to driving a car, can go nice and slow without NVH when enjoying the views and also provide a burst of acceleration when needed
  • Should be well-equipped in-terms of safety, at least a 4-star rated one
  • The back seat should be comfortable for 2 ~4 hr rides and should be able to seat 3
  • Enough Boot for accommodating a 3-4 day trip for all
  • Should have functional features as close to Hyundai's as possible - Android Auto, Electronic ORVMs, Day-Night IRVM (manual/automatic), steering controls
  • My general preference includes Honda City or a Skoda Rapid or a good SUV (but currently definitely out of budget). But Polo GT was something I wanted to own, especially in Red

Our current plan for the car is to buy a used car now, which we can use for 2-3 years and then go for a new car. The current lack of good offerings (or waiting for the new offerings to mature) is the reason for this plan. We initially had thought of waiting till March'22 and buying the first hand Honda City but changed that after rumours of a new Hybrid City and also after looking at the latest new releases with ADAS, which I'm expecting to become standard slowly in a couple of years.

Request your help regarding this decision. Please feel free to suggest any other options or a better plan for my driving journey. Thanks in advance.

Here's what BHPian IshaanIan had to say on the matter:

The Polo feels cramped both in front and behind. I would suggest saving your money and going for a 1.6 petrol Fabia. Uncomplicated drivetrain means fewer maintenance worries, lack of "waterfall" type centre console means your left leg will remain happy even though it is a manual and from my personal experience it seems to handle just a bit better than the Polo.

Another brilliant all-rounder in the price bracket you have mentioned would be the Kizashi. Try driving one before making up your mind to settle with a Polo GT.

Here's what BHPian androdev had to say on the matter:

You mentioned that this would be your first car. Are you also relatively new to driving? Buy an abuse friendly used car as your first car, otherwise, you will end up spending a lot of money on owning cars like Polo and similar VW group cars. If you are keen to have a fun-to-drive car, consider previous Jazz 1.5, 2008 Honda City, Toyota Liva hatchback, etc.

Here's what BHPian VW2010 had to say on the matter:

Polo is not a 5-seater. The rear is cramped and at best it's a nice 2-seater with the option to carry 2 more in the back. You want everything but your heart wants Polo. Unfortunately, you have to make a compromise somewhere. If you don't need a hatch to find a used Jetta for a similar price and you will have ticked most boxes if not all. That car is way more powerful for your need of sudden fun while offering space comfort and boot space, plus all the features. Else stick to a red polo and live with its quirks on space.

Here's what BHPian self_driven had to say on the matter:

A used out-of-warranty German is EXACTLY what I advise first-time buyers to stay away from.

Honda City 4th gen meets most of your requirements, apart from safety, which is questionable. It has that typical Japanese lightness and feels nowhere close to the Germans in terms of driving dynamics. However, it scores heavily in terms of performance (in MT), reliability, resale value and space management. Build quality and driving dynamics are not major deterrents to a first-time car buyer or someone who has little experience with other/better cars.

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