VW Polo image crops up on my Skoda Kushaq's infotainment screen

The car became a hatchback and the tabs became Blue in colour which otherwise is Orange.

BHPian KapilD recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hey Guys... Interesting Update!

See below!

The car I’m supposed to be driving is the new Fabia (International Model) as per the infotainment system.

Did anyone else get a model upgrade?

Jokes apart, this is the new bug in the Kushaq software which I found today.

Here's what BHPian DragonHawk had to say on the matter:

Apparently, it is new-gen VW Polo and the only way to get your car back at least in the infotainment system is to do a system reset.

I have faced it a few times now, as you said, it is a bug in the software which Skoda cares least about.

BHPian KapilD had an update a few days later:

My new virtual car disappeared!

I checked the software versions. All same. Before and after. It disappeared the next day. I don’t know how it came about.

The changes were: the car became a hatchback and the tabs became blue in colour which otherwise is orange.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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